Ahoy Scallywags — Gather Ye Round(s)!

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Hi Friends! (…and other unsavoury louts)

The Ingot was in fine form today: carelessly gliding through the mayhem that is contemporary urban civilization — discovering new short-cuts and reacquainting with long favoured routes. It was a glorious sunny day here in good ol’ Vancouver, and as I rolled through town to my various destinations I fondly remembered what a high school chum had advised way, way back in the 80’s He said: drive (and specifically, change lanes) as if you were in a Rolls. …I tell you, that one nugget has informed most of my exceptional (safe) driving over the years — all the crazy wild-ass-shit (we shall here not mention) gathered its inspiration from a different philosophy.

But I digress…


…With the wind at our backs we stormed into the melee that is the current global commerce apparatus, and basically farted in the general direction of all dollar backed assets — It was brutal!!!


With canon thundering and monkey-fist plundering, we tip-toed through the proverbial tulips and made off with nary a scratch — but O did we pull down some nary scratch.

…some poor, over-leveraged sucker just parted with not only this:



But s/he had to sell her golden twins!


1/100th of an ounce — $30 cad — 0.000414 btc

So yeah, I paid a 20% primo on weight, but how freaking cool are these!!? …if I hadn’t already packed up my over-the-top secret-Santa I might have to reconsider… nah!


I can assure you, tho, someone is going to be pleased 😎👍👍

But avast! My bleedin’ mind is playing tricks!
Somebody, quick, punch out the cabin-boy — Y’Arrrr!

The Ingot tacked: and this time we came forth with no mercy. In an instant we had shredded the coin-case, the sails, and somebody’s laundry! And we were away again with another prize, Or two. While the crew primed the canon, hoisted the grog, blared some AC⚡️DC and got ready for our Swan Song, I looked on with psychedelic barnacles!
The pirate with Kaleidoscope eyes…



Now I’m no expert, but these sweety-pies look like they’re slumming — sad and dejected after being faultily appraised — what say you @silverd510? That Morgan is hot! And damn if that Peace Eagle doesn’t jump off the face!!!



…the wind Howled — (and cried Mary) — and The Ingot picked up speed… our final target was a “petite” French number located just within reach of our fiat-canon. We descended like uncouth animals —> full-on ‘San Francisco style’ smash and grab! Although this wasn’t a Walgreens or a Louis Vuitton.


…but rather, a long desired piece and an homage to @goldrooster —who himself has been a very busy golden cock indeed!

So Cock-A-Doodle-Do @goldrooster! Check out my new bird! And, my gorgeous, fancy femme fatale on the obverse:




And then we were gone!

Where once rested precious treasure and socio-economic power, was now littered with the broken limbs, torn sails and smouldering fiat canon-fodder that we had overwhelmed our unsuspecting foes with. And, most gleefully, we left the carnage & ruin behind with a “jolly good, thank you very much and have a nice day.” The smiling faces of our bewildered antagonists revelling in their gov’t debt notes, as their entrails lay entangled in muck and gore — lining the hallways of great crumbling artifice!


…as I rowed my skiff to shore, intent on finalizing one last transaction (some whiskey) I paused to consider my own good fortune and that of me crew. Here we were, just a bunch of insightful scallywags, making the big-wigs tremble with our fiduciary alchemy — and we were/are just getting started!

Stack ‘em, rack ‘em, and Back in Black ‘em!

Cheers! from @thedamus


Look at all the pretties! Mighty fine treasure ye got there.

Ahoy lassie! T’is been but a while 🏴‍☠️
Top o the season to you 🎄 🕎 🍾 🔥 🤷‍♂️🤣

Beautiful gold bars, looks like you got a good price on them!

If primos go up as the weight goes down, then Yup! I’d say a fair deal 🤘😁

Aye, looks like fine hunting at the Richmond coin shop.
Charting course on the Dashboard GPS.
I shall soon join the fray!
How's the parking there lately?

Avast Matey! Glide your vessel in right behind the shop (turn off Granville into parking lot just shy of 3 road) thar be ample stalls and commodious space for a few practice slashes with yer Katana!

When you know that my wife's name is Marianne you know why I choose the (other modern) Marianne Rooster as my avatar. Great coin and low premium here in Europe.

Stack on matey! 🤘🤩🤘

one gram gold bars are cool as - but i have never seen 1/100th of a ounce bars, nice!

Yeah totally, I was like “huh…they even made these!!?” And what a couple of sweeties for $30 —> keep from eating anymore dbl cheeseburgers + milkshakes for a couple days.

Nice pick ups. That bar has to be tiny. The Peace and Morgan are nice. Low MS but that’s still good.

Surprisingly, these little bars are larger in surface area than a 1 grammar I have, but they are mighty thin.

…the coins look much better in person than in my pics 🤘🤩

I like all coins especially the Rooster/Marianne.
I can stack that all day!!!
CHEERS, @thedamus!

Cheers saver! …I’m really liking the itty bitty pretties lately 🤘🤩⚡️😘

Those little pretties are really worth the time.
Sometimes I wonder why we don't stack them more!'
I think I have to rethink my strategy.
But I say this year after year..
yet you see my stack growing in silver every year!
See... I have to correct this !!!

There is never: too much gold

…but silver fundamentals are appealing.

Itsa win-win saver 😘