Itsa Ho Ho Go Mo Foze!


Hi Friends!

Well it’s been a minute since I last posted, but i figured i had something worth sharing today. That’s right: the fifth annual Secret Santa prezzy is in the mail! Some lucky “who” out there in “Whoville” is about to get splattered with some (at least 1oz of) shiny! I won’t say anymore about it as I have found the “secret” part of it to be indeed challenging. Perhaps the recipient of this years fun won’t know it’s from me (but I doubt it… bah ha ha, as much as I tried…) At any rate, sending off some Christmas goodies to a SGS stacker always makes me feel a lot less grinchy, so I figured I would take a peek outside the cave and say Hello to all you oldschoolers, and new friends alike.



Anybody seen this 👆 guy? I’ve been looking for him… 🥵

Cheers! from @thedamus


Ho Ho Ho my brother. Hope secret Santa is good to you. If you’re looking for him just stand in front of the mirror….🤣😂 BAHHHHHH

Hey Big D, last time I checked it was some fat old guy with a beard in the mirror… o wait a minute! 😳😜😂

I doubt mine will be very "secret" this year! But that's cool, it's all for fun!!

Hope your Christmas is a gooder!!

Thx Amigo!

God willin’ and the crick doth indeed rise, we’re in for some good times


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Merry Christmas to you too in advance 🥰 You are already enjoying this season.

It’s the most wonderful time… to stack!

Have a happy, shiny and Merry Christmas

It's nice surprise. All silver are so collectible !

I can relate to the struggle 😂

Hi Damus good you are participating again.
I have sent my parcel already but to whome .........???

Hope it’s me! 😁👍👍 Have a great holiday season rooster

Christmas is here. Santa is here

Oops, missed this post.


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
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