Let’s All Be Millionaires!!!

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Hi Friends!

For anyone in my age cohort 40-55yrs old — holy crap I’m old! — can you not say that at one time, you have thought about being a Millionaire?

You know: big house, decent car, basic necessities easily taken care of… hell, I know I have! One Million dollars — It was already a meme — before there were memes.


With one milly you were a Demi-god! Everybody else (well, most people) were poor by comparison, and you and your cash rocked the Kasbah! So what happened?

These days, right here in good ol’ Vancouver I’m not sure you can even find a single dwelling property for under a mil.

Hold on… I’m gonna’ prove a point…

Prices have gone up since May, but here’s your castle rich guy!!!


Now I don’t know about you, but would you think a “Millionaire” lived here? It’s redonk!
And what it means: is that you cannot think in regular terms… it’s kind of fucked up, but the powers that be know you will revert to the “dollar” as a standard — as a standard for maintaining your sanity and understanding the value of things…

They know this already…

You have been in the cross-hairs for years!!!

Do you think I’m nuts? Then how do you explain the highest price for everything that you’ve ever seen? Pretty soon it will cost a million for a condo:


And then what are we talking about?

Hooray!!! You’re a millionaire who lives in an 900 square foot apartment and you drive a Toyota — what a Boss!


Understand This if you understand nothing else —> the medium is the message

If you think “in dollars” then you are hostage to a personally destructive view of economics that is sure to eat your ass alive!


Don’t be a gimp! Your cash is being undermined even as you happily spend it. And because we little-people don’t usually think outside the box of a year or two —> and certainly not 10, we don’t even notice as we get poorer and poorer —> seriously, ask yourself this: when was the last time I enjoyed a nice dinner out that was reasonably priced?


Crikey! I’m down to Jamos & Tuna 😜😜😜
…but thankfully the tuna is for my cat!

Don’t fuck it up friends!

Cheers! from @thedamus


Im at the lower end of the age bracket, but ive had my eyes open for years now. If you continue to value your items in something that continually devalues over time, then the illusion of wealth and the game already has you beat.

Stick a few quid in to precious metals and watch as you maintain your wealth from one paradigm shift to the next. Its what the multi-generational wealth has done for centuries!

Nice beard by the way TD, looks as gray as mine does!! Ohhh the joys of getting old my friend...

You young whipper-snappers know it all!!!

My digs is assessed at $1.1 Million for 2021 by the BC Tax Assessment Authority. A new home across my street is newly built just sold for $2.2 Million. So I'm betting my Taxes are going up big time for 2022 and it won't be 2%. At least I have a rental income with it.
I need a drink.
Captain Morgan will do.

Rock out with your hawk out! Way to go home owner!!! And yup, you called it: 6.35% prop tax increase announced just today…


You are sending out some Ewan McGregor Obi wan Kenobi vibes in this photo.

Hope the cat’s not eating Bib For”tuna”.

Seattle and Vancouver… sitting in a million dollar home, still scrimping.


Wow!!! Here I am shooting my mouth off about crypto (while I live in a tiny hole with my family) and everybody in SSG is a fucking millionaire homeowner with huge cajones!

Bah ha ha —> kicking ass baby!


We were lucky. We lived in my parent’s basement for 2 years saving saving saving. Then bought in 2009 when the housing market crashed. It was well timed.

I'm a trillionaire... in Zimbabwe

Welcome to the club Maestro!

My house is valued at 425K for tax reasons but similar new build houses in my village now go for 680K EUR. It means that if we sell ours we can live like kings in Spain the rest of our lives......tempting

Sounds like a great dilemma to me 😁😁😁

Food for thought for sure. I'm just thankful to be aware that alternative viewpoints exist, otherwise I'm sure I would have gone insane by now. Thanks for adding your perspective as well!

Cheers evan1, thanks for stopping by 😎👍

If i don’t make it it won’t be from lack of trying that’s for sure. I’ve got a good base but need more crypto

I’d say it’s —> INCOMING!!!

Shit, I could get a 5 bedroom with an indoor swimming pool and some land over here for £600k. Even at the exchange rate, god damn

and for me to be a proper millionaire, I need $2 million US dollars. Half would go toward conversion to pounds and taxes.

Only 3 tins of tuna? i always roll with 4, 1 for each jean pocket

oh, it's SSUK mofo

Hey there (no) stranger (to danger)!

Good to see you lurking around these here parts 🤘😎