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Hi friends!

I have long said that the coming financial apocalypse won’t look like flaming tires in the street and burned out buildings, but rather, $50 cheeseburgers and $10 for a pint. And though we are not quite there, yet, it sure seems like we are accelerating down the current track we’re all on. And by ‘all’, I mean everyone participating and valuing goods/energy/services in dollars — or whatever name your country gives to its paper money —> or more accurately: “fiat tokens”

Imagine this: you and me and a few (billion) other people decide to play Monopoly, the board game. I offer to be banker and we all start off. Everyone does the right thing, I.e., buys everything they land on, and tries to wheel and deal as best they can. As the game progresses — and because in this scenario I am a crook — I whip out a fresh stack of Monopoly Money and add it not to the bank, but to my own holdings! With the extra loot I can beging to purchase more real estate and utilities because the cost of living “playing the game” does not affect me. And further, because I am king shit and policy maker (with all my loot) I unilaterally decide to increase rents on all my properties that already had Hotels on them. It doesn’t take a genius to see how unfair and lopsided this would be, and soon, everyone I had formerly been playing with would tell me to stuff it and leave the game. They would say: increasing the money supply for your benefit and to our detriment is unfair, and we’re all going to go and play on a level playing field.

Now this is an obvious analogy to our current system of fiat-backed money supply issued by a central bank: easy and almost free to create but great for selling to ignorant locals and disposable foreigners for “face” value. What a scam!!! And EVERYONE is in on it — most people just don’t realize it yet.

My wife for instance, has been working at a big 4 corporate auditing firm for 14 years. During all this time she has gotten several small raises that total about 8%. We’ll fuck! Gas alone has gone up that much in the last couple months, and that’s not even mentioning bacon, beer and bread! Effectively, and relative to her purchase power, she has taken about a 40-50% haircut in the purchase power of the dollars she is remunerated with. What a shitty deal!

I would like to spin off into a whole crypto rant here, but not today… I came here to show some shiny, which, in my estimation, is a great place to store some buying power, and also have something to look at, enjoy and experience as precious metals are like no other thing on earth — even bitcoin!

I got two old fivers for $198 Cad each ($158usd or 146 Euro), so $396 for the pair:



One place I am expecting “inflation” (of money supply) to really show its ugly face is in the metals. I mean sheee-ite they still have to physically dig this shit out of the ground!

Don’t be a fool and think your getting anywhere with a savings account (or other instrument) that pays you a few points a year for the inconvenience of having it outright stolen — over time.

Stack the metals friends, learn about blockchain tech, and how to buy/sell/secure bitcoin in a private NON-CUSTODIAL wallet. It’s only your very best bet against what is coming…


Cheers! from @thedamus


Zoom out. Silver has been money everywhere, everywhen.

…and this ☝️ Is the answer to every why!

Got metals no Bitcoin though

Brick by brick amigo 🤘🤩 every now and then stack a few satoshis in a btc wallet somewhere 😜