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RE: SmartNodes Are Among Us and SmartCash Price Is Rising!

in #smartcash3 years ago

Happy to see fellow Steemians supporting SmartCash! I'm about halfway to having enough coins far a SmartNode, and this will be my first masternode setup ever. I guess the only real way to learn is to try with money on the line :). A member of the SmartHive wrote a pretty detailed guide on the setup, so there is a lot to go on even for inexperienced users.

I'm still waiting for the exchanges to update their wallets though. Cryptopia processed a lot of withdraws on the old chain during the upgrade, so I have quite a few coins stuck in limbo until Cyptopia rebroadcasts them.


Sorry to hear about your stuck coins. That's certainly a bummer. I hope they get that all resolved before the 25th so people can start saving things for February.

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You can use the following commands:

  • balance - displays your current wallet balance
  • address- displays your deposit address
  • withdraw <amount> <address> - withdraws the amount of SMART to address
  • tip <usernamegt; <amount> - sends the amount of SMART to username
  • terms - displays terms and conditions for using @smartbot

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