Get Your SMARTCASH merch! Ordering my Hannah Edition GIRLS GONE SMART tee shirt!

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Have you seen that SmartCash have launched their official merch store? Called the SMARTIE shop, which you can visit here:

Payment options include SMART and STEEM as well as credit card, PayPal and other cryptocurrencies

The SMARTIE shop has been set up by team member @hockleyj!!! I was excited when he asked other Hive Team Members to suggest their own take on items of clothing. Here is mine:

I felt like I wanted something to represent females in the cryptosphere, because it is a space that at the moment seems to be mostly male-dominated. @somnium helped to create this awesome design with a dash of pink!

I think being a girl that is into cryptocurrency is pretty cool, and something to be celebrated, so I wanted the Smart Shop to feature an item of clothing that celebrates those girls.

The idea behind the slogan of ‘Girls Gone SMART’ or ‘Girls Gone SMARTCASH’ is a play on Girls Gone Wild, but a version that emphasises the intelligence of females in the cryptosphere and SmartCash community.

There is a bunch of different merch in the shop at the moment, with more to be added soon!!

I loved the fact I could pay using my SMART

I ordered a bunch of stuff and the checkout process was pretty easy!

I just copied and pasted the address into my wallet to send across the amount. If you send too much by accident (which I tested) you get a refund for the difference.

Then after around 10 minutes, the website confirmed my order had been paid for!! And I got email confirmation from the SMARTIE shop!

What do you guys think of my take on the SMART T-Shirt? Have you bought anything from the SMARTIE shop yet?


@hannahlicious awesome article as usual, glad you like the site, looking forward to instapay in the future so it doesnt take 10mins for a smart purchase.

thanks @hockleyj - can't wait for instantpay :) its gonna be awesome

Excellent, I did not know anything about the store, right now I'll take a look, by the way I loved your design @hannahlicious. @hockleyj has done a great job too. Thanks for sharing.

Sorry i was so busy getting it working that i havent marketed it to everyone in the Smartieverse yet.

No problem, good job.

How about the idea of e-bay where anyone in smartcash community can sell their goods.

@cloudspyder im looking into it, but its not a simple thing... and might be more in the scope of a community proposal if anyone wants to tackle such an undertaking.

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Lol I skim read a lot and was about to complain why this was not labeled NSFW until I read the words a second time. Honestly my eyes had to dart backward to realize what you were really trying to sell.

lol yep you would have missed the boat on that one @mawit07

Nice design Hannah...

Upload a photo wearing it after :)

Great article as always.

Your T-Shirt totaly rocks!! Ink power!! SmartCash power!!