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So you're thinking free Cryptocurrencies without surveys and hard work, this cant be true but it is. Smartcash if you didn't know already is early in its adoption but is far on there way to success. So in order to grow and strengthen the community. They reward people for spreading the work about this new coin, or cash.

With the Incentivized Ambassador Program It is a easy way to earn money with just writing a post on sites like Steemit which is suggested. Then get paid for the quality and attention it got. Then if you post on Steemit like i said you also get a reward to grow here :) !!!

Another way to get rewards with Smartcash is by just posting on twitter. CLICK HERE All you need to start is a Smartcash wallet head to the site, follow them. Its as easy a post a message with you address like this.

Following them .

Than getting paid

These task are the easiest way's i have ever found to get crypto and trust me you begin to give up after surveys.

I hope you guys enjoy this post and join the Smarthive.

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To check out Smartcash visit or both are the same link

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And the forum CLICK HERE

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Very good. wonderful and promising coin.

thanks glad to hear it