The Most Promising Coin Of 2017 SmartCash

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Hi as some may know I'm talking about Smartcash. Smartcash is on the verge of greatness with its growing commuity.

Smartcash is booming and its dev's are eager to improve it. Smartcash is also great for mining with double the hash rate from the competitors. Smartcash is funded by the community and with that the dev's can grow the coin being free to expand to the community's desires for the future.

The dev's ensure the community gets what it wants with Voting you can suggest what you want to happen to the coin and its voted in.

As of today the coin is very profitable and easy to mine, there is no reason to not make the easy profit. Since the price is just going to go up you would be kidding your self not to invest in it now.

Looking at there road map CLICK HERE it's easy to see that there working hard, i was here to witness them add some awesome features already.

With bitcoin to send them it takes a hour minimum for most sites. With Smartcash that's not a problem they go through within seconds and won't need to wait.

Find It Here:

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Smartcash: SU4zSp33bkfLdaVdH7BCRtxyATyuVJPWyY
Nexus: 2QonL2Qhmwdi5da6D8eCQFgF3RGYxXGZw5VwvvpoZBjtT4nq3fy
Bitcoin: 1GcKzdpio26vRH32GRwQNG743uMAY1n6Vt
Aragon: 0x37A809A6851C797B0124ea1E5379b36351ae3000
Augur: 0x37A809A6851C797B0124ea1E5379b36351ae3000
Dash: XrvXFtNmwseXgQ13CnzBoYH8hFsA8GKRXx
Decred: XrvXFtNmwseXgQ13CnzBoYH8hFsA8GKRXx
EOS: 0x37A809A6851C797B0124ea1E5379b36351ae3000
Ethereum: 0x37A809A6851C797B0124ea1E5379b36351ae3000
Gnosis: 0x37A809A6851C797B0124ea1E5379b36351ae3000
Golem: 0x37A809A6851C797B0124ea1E5379b36351ae3000
Litecoin: LPPPdo3fEsWkaFfuk9QAM8gSjQUmaYjhNd


new one?

Ya the best one its very profitable i suggest you check it out

Looks a tad young/sketchy. Where is it traded? here you go its new alive and growing

Thanks for the link. I see that I can buy with Doge, alright!

Ok lol doge xD

Reach for the skies and people will follow you.

Thanks man i look up every night

@bitcoiner Best information!!!!!!!!!!!