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A beautiful new coin on the scene and I believe the Devs have a true interest of helping the world , instead of making a quick buck. The coin can be found on Cryptopia (SMART) Smartcash. Its at the very beginning of it's wonderful little coin life, so it's at a low price. Also if you HODL 1000+ coins in your Smartcash wallet for a month , you are rewarded. This little coin has big plans to help the less fortunate in the world. This is something I like to support. Thank you for helping Smartcash.IMG_3284.PNG IMG_3283.PNG


Why do you believe in the coin that much? here is there web page. They have been helping people in Africa here lately to gain some kind of income. Also its fast , private, secure, and the rewards will be nice.

Agreed. I don't have but 40 SmartCash but I have high hopes :)

Thanks for the information, I will check it out!