Smartphone Photography - My favorite Tree (Central Park, NYC) - Original Series

Hello Steemians!

In the midst of spring break with both kids home from college, life is busy with mom duties ramped up, and I'm packing for a trip to visit my husband's family overseas. So I will be away for a week. Before I leave, however, I wanted to share some lovely scenes in my original Steemit series, My Favorite Tree of Central Park from last week when I took a nice walk with my daughter. We went to a particularly wonderful place in the park at west 86th street. The lay of the land there is very pretty and its framed so nicely by the buildings that sit beyond it. There's lots of flat ground steps in from original gates on Central Park West that's perfect for a picnic and for kids to play anything, from soccer to softball, I even once saw a game inspired by Harry Potter, called Quiditch.

Dotting the grassy flats are some sweet trees. The first photo is the subject of this post, My Favorite Tree as you will see it proudly stands out amongst the busy landscape surrounding it. It's not always easy to find a lone tree in New York City. In most cases, they stand amongst other trees so maybe I need to rename this series to "All the Pretty Trees" in Central Park. Hmmm...I'll think about that and maybe you guys can help me come up with a cool title for the tree-life in the famous Central Park.

In the meantime, here are the wonderful trees from the walk with my daughter the other day...







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Thank you!


beautiful pictures, as always

Hi my dear i was waiting you i already check the feed and i find your post happy for that, as always great job.
hope everything goes well with you.
Are you available on discord or steem chat i need some advices from you!

Thank you Soufiane! Always so nice to see you!

I have not set up discord or steem chat! But ask away...

Just forget
Happy to see you again well :)

central park is one of the best places anyone can ever be. its so quite and peaceful right in the middle of new york. many memories have been made there in so many years now can't forget

@ilanaakoundi Very nice view. Especially this picture is very similar to the places we were hearing about at a young age. I wish you a good and enjoyable trip. Do not forget to take some beautiful pictures. I will be waiting for it ♡

Awesome photographs. Am propelled by the heaps of cell phone photography am seeing here and I'll be taking a gander at what am not doing great to get photographs as near this ones.
Please man see my post

Looks wonderful... This is so soulful that you keep an eye and look around while you walk otherwise most people today don't even get a moment to cherish the nature as they are busy peeping in their smartphones. Btw Beautiful pictures

Looks like a great photo and beautiful place,,,,,thanks.....////

nice pictures for sure!!! congrats and keep it coming

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These photos are so beautiful and they have such depth. They have the look of old aquatint handcolored post cards from the 1890s. Really wonderful. Where are you going overseas? Which Country? Have fun wherever you go.

Very beautiful pictures and you are so lucky..In Turkiye,Izmir we can't see any snow even if in the coldest day of the winter,maybe 2 or 3 times in 7-8 years.. :/

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and have a nice day my friend...

Great photos. Am inspired by the lots of smartphone photography am seeing here and I'll be looking at what am not doing well to get photos as close to this ones.

Hi @ilanaakoundi, Such a fantastic photography taken form near by your environment. Seems like a silence background. Little bit snow fallen there. Trees live without their leaves. But tree shown their proud. Glorious photo shots. Have a nice day.

you are very talented friends in the art of photography, every piece of your work is very moving and we really like it. the way and the image you produce is really very beautiful and charming. one day I will ask you to become a photography trainer for me. and one more thing, hopefully your trip abroad please friends and do not forget to make further pistingan about your journey. My little request, if you have spare time, please correct a little contents of my post so that I can be more advanced in producing the work. Thank you, dear.

hello dear, how are you today? have you got your trip?

Hello Mam, this is sooo amazing and beautiful all photos Tree is looking very unique, you are capture always stunning shots i love it 😍
I hope you have a wonderful trip with family!
Enjoye your life 💕 stay blessed ❣

Ever if we think life is alive, live a tree, sometimes tera strong winds sometimes also breezy air.

If it does not have strong roots then the bias only when terpa strong winds directly fall tree, but when the roots are strong,

want to wind as hard as anything will not fall. there is a time when the tree will bear fruit, and in that it is not for him, sailor to give to others, we also know that a tree is the result of its food independent of other creatures.

What a great power god, when a tree alone can mean each other meaning meaning, the strength of the root of our lives, the meaning of how to give without ulterior motives, meaning to work with the ability itself and much more. And it's all in the picture in your post, thank you for sharing.

This is soulful to the point that you keep an eye and glance around while you walk generally a great many people today don't get a minute to appreciate the nature as they are occupied with peeping in their cell phones. Btw Beautiful pictures.
i am new join steemit, please see my post once

My dear friend after watching these photography I didn't even get lots of questions to ask you! I got only one question, coz I was surprised by this photography!
This is amazing, I mean it, yeah I mean it!


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wow these clicks are so amazing..they are truly beautiful :)

OMG as soon as i opened the post i was in love with the first shot but as i scrolled down it got even harder to choose the top one because every shot is top class wow stunning shots dear :D

Looking at these pics i went into de javu and i seriously miss my childhood days when i used to wonder at similar place without any frustation(stress) as that of now. I wish i could go back to those days.

You are a great photographer! This is a great capture!!!! Very natural!!

Excellent shots one after another this is really beautiful to see :)

Central Park, NYC is one of my favorite places.

Everything is still covered in snow that's so beautiful to see looking so beautiful

Yay so glad the tree series is back!! I love them! These are lovely trees! It will be so nice to see them with leaves on again soon, we've just got back from a few days away for Chris's birthday and noticed all these amazing trees, I was thinking of you when I saw them, will have to share some photos soon! Hope your all well! :) xx

I hope it will be a fun visit for you!
have a nice week. I hope I will continue to see your excellent photos when you come back :)

this is amazing the shots are so professional cool they look absolutely amazing

Once again nice pictures of your favourite tree(s). Nice to see the trees being snow free and some green grass is popping out beneath the snow in comparison with the earlier shoot of the trees with more snow on them. Like your series on trees in central park (hope to go and see them myself this year).

@ilanaakoundi - Ma'm this is outstanding photo collection... I'm impressed by watching it ma'm...


Is like a painting. Very nice!

Very beautiful views. Spring does not hurry to come)

I love beautiful pictures like this

Hello @ilanaakoundi! Where will you travel, if not secret?

Hope you have a great time visiting your husbands family! It sounds like you've got a lot on right now but I'm sure it will be one of those 'hectic but nice' weeks! I've had a week off myself and it's quite nice to return feeling a little out of touch with Steemit, all the more impetus for me to keep up with the feed from now on! Looking forward to reading about your travels when you return!

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I see many posts but there is something in your post that I did not

get from another post.
A smart writer that you can understand about your writing
I will try to write as you like and share the sentiments of the post

in such a way.
So that people like me and vote in my post

I could look at trees for days! Thanks for posting all your incredible tree photos!

Awesome clicks Ilanaakoundi

@ilanaakoundi outstabding click. You are invited to see my photography thankx.

wow great photos. love it

As always...AMAZING! :) God bless! :)

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Lovely photos they look great :)

Back to those motherly duties. I'm sure you do them all with lots of love and care. Busy busy. Then a bit of traveling. I actually had to slow my roll! In just the past three week I've found myself in Cusco Peru all the way down to the Chilean Patagonia, with many stops in between.

Now I just rented an apartment in Santiago Chili for the next two weeks, just to get a taste of the domestic life I've been missing. Here I'm making up for lost steemit-time! Hope you are well. -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

@ilanaakoundi wow! beautiful images.