Smartphone Photography - Tangerine Dream - Still Life (original work)

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Hello Steemians!

Many of you who know me know that one of the things I love to do is to create Still Life. Many moons ago I used to paint them but now I use my trusty iPhone. Even the most daily items can make a beautiful Still Life and lately it's been raining a great deal in New York City so I've been indoors more than usual and as it happens I've been buying a lot of tangerines because they are in season and because my family loves them so much. With time indoors and the fact that tangerines are very pretty, especially when you can get them with the leaves still attached I was hit with inspiration. I love the fact that Still Life traditionally depict everyday objects, elevating them to Objects d' Arte and so I couldn't help but try a few different scenes --here are three-- with some lovely tangerines! And boy did I have fun with various set-ups and, of course, eating a few along the way!

Hope you enjoy Tangerine Dreams as much as I enjoyed creating it!




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Thank you!

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Very interesting still life. I like!


Nice shots!

my last shot

oh my dear this is a great and wonderful job i like how choose the position and w
how you mix colors great job my lovely i feel comfortable and hangry lol

Smiles dear Soufiane! Thank you so much :D

Amazing photography @ilanaakoundi , I must post some photography like this ,
i love orange color :) keep going (y)

Thanks very much! :D

wonderful smartphone photography mam,

see my new post mam

Thanks dear! :D

Welcome mam

i love orange, thanks for share it @ilanaakoundi

Thank you kindly! :D

Hope you win. I like this photo

You are so kind! Thank you! :D

These are all so awesome!

Thank you very much! I appreciated you stopping by! :D

wonderful photography @ilanaakoundi, you likes a professional photographer @ilanaakoundi
check my profile

Thank you Sarah! :D

Most welcome@ ilanaakoundi.

beautiful...i love the colours of it :)

Hello my lovely Claira! Always nice to see you, and thank you very much! :D

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You still sure are doing a great job by the Iphone ;)

Awww many thanks! :D

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Absolutely amazing and beautiful
This looks so elegant and fresh :D

Thank you soooooo much my dear! Hope you are well! xo

"WOW" They look amazing!! I like the way how you have captured them.Great job!!

Awwww thank you so much! I appreciate you stopping by!
Cheers back!

these photographs are beyond amazing? i am in love with sharpnes of these photos. can you please tell which iphone you use?

Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by! I use an iPhone 6s Plus. I like it very much!

Awesome shoot

WOW! All are the images taken by iPhone? Amazing, I also use my iPhone sometimes to capture such images. Applause for such orangy images ..wonderful!! :)

Yes! I just love the iPhone! So convenient! Thanks for stopping by! Much appreciated! :D

Hey!! @ilanaa Finally I see you lovely post, you come every week always a beautiful thouhts and great shots!! This is incredible shot of these tangerines. I'm also eating too much, cause I liked it too much :)
Keep enjoying Life!!

Smiles Sana! Yes, I try to get here once a week and if I'm lucky more! Thank you so much! It's always nice to see you, my dear! Hope you are well!

Good postings as we know Still Life means the work of photography that makes objects die as objects to be more visible live or speak to the audience for broadcast messages.Still Life we ​​often see in everyday life. We many photos still live in magazines, calendar , fancy or minimalist framed photographs in the office hallways, as well as billboards at the intersection of protocol streets. This type of photograph can be a food, drink or other inanimate object arranged in such a way that attracts the eye. And still life also serves as a tool to express emotionally.

Thaks you....

Thank you so much!

Awesome as always my dear 😍😊

J it's been too long! How are you Buddy? Always such a pleasure to see you! And, of course, thanks for stopping by! I'll head over to you to see what you've been up to...

Love it :) I love the thought you put into these, they really do look like classic paintings!

Thank youuuuuuuu Chris! It's always fun to be able to eat and create simultaneously -- heheeee!

And a double thanks for the re-steem! x

Haha exactly! Although on that basis I'd be shooting sweets, chocolate and cake every day! You're welcome! I always appreciate your support and your still life photos deserve far more of an upvote than I can give!!

quality of the post is soo good thanks for sharing this

thank you kindly!

glad to see you back to make my friend post, it's been almost one week I'm waiting for you to make an amazing post, and finally your post makes me like it very much. this is one of the fruits that I really like my friend, it's great to be able to read and visit your post my real friend. thank you for the dish today for me.

Thank you! I'm so happy to see you!

You have a beautiful taste in taking pictures, unfortunately I tried to take a photo of me down the rain but my mobile was ruined lol I think I lack experience and talent like you

You are very kind! Thank you! I think you can do it, never stop trying! x

What a great color balance! It looks like a photography from Classical age! Most amazing thing is you took them via your iPhone! I wish Apple Inc will see these photography and if they see they will use them as promotional material :D
Fantastic work my dear friend! Every photography of yours is learning me something new about color balance! Amazing still lives!


Helloooooooo my dear friend! Thank you for your very kind comments! It's such a pleasure to see you and I look forward to seeing what you've been up to, too!
A big cheers right back! :D

I didn't post my latest photo collection ye! I will do it soon! Thanks for your great support towards me!


Hey, nice to see you on here again, I've missed your posts, and this one is AMAZING! I love still life too, I can't believe you did these with your phone, they look just like old paintings, they have the same tone and feel to them and the placing of them is perfect, I know it must be hard to make it look natural, eating lots of them must have been fun hehe!! Hope your well :) x

Hey there! So, nice to see to, too! It's so much fun coming here after a long week to see what everyone is up to and your posts always inspire! Thank you, too! It's a big pleasure to have your support! xo

Such a wonderful and interesting photography by @ilanaakoundi mam.....
Such a wonderful photography and interesting ideas...
Actually I'm new comer to in this great platform...
Followed you now.....I'm become ur fan...and I'm always try visit ur blog everyday...
I'm hope try learn something with every steemit posts..
Thanks mam....

Thank you so much! Welcome to Steemit! You will do great! :D

Wow 😍 this is awesome shots of this fruit love to eat also ☺ i think you liked it most 💕

Thank you Hazel! Hehe, I think I did, too! Big smiles! x

Another classic still life & cool composition . All that good and healthy stuff gathered in a splendid still life. Beautiful work. Congratulations, my friend!

Thank you friend! I'm so happy you stopped by! I agree! The best posts are the one you can eat, LOL!
Cheers! :D

Stunning still life, very feminin color control. It turned out to be very beautiful. Lovely to look at for a looong time;-)

Helloooooo my Lovely! Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to head over to you to see what you've been up to this past week! Hope you're having a lovely day! xo

hiiii, I am very grateful for your support dear friend. ! :) I wish you share more. it would be great to talk to you often. !

I enjoy seeing what you are up to weekly! A big highlight and pleasure of my week!
Lot's of love! x

Looks like a painting, especially the third. Your iPhone made a great job! :)

Thank you so much! Cheers! :D

Great photography skills!

Thank you so much!

so nice! :)

Thank you! :D

Great photos! Congrat! :)

Thank you SO much! :D

Wonderful photography really it is inch perfect and Eye-catching as well...... Keep steeming!!

Big smiles, thank you! Steem ON! :D

Oh my god this is so BEAUTIFUL! instant follow

Thank you! Much appreciated! Looking forward to your movie recommendations!

I just posted one actually! (well, sort'll se xD) I hope you like it, is about The Love Witch

Really nice. I wanna eat oranges :)

@ilanaakoundi - Ma'm those are outstanding photography... How beautiful it is... Nice you decided to share it ma'm...


Thank you so much my friend! Big cheers!

nice shot, i like that colour

Thanks kindly! :D

hehe, your welcome
i want to eat that :D

Very cool styling. Now I'm going to grab a tangerine to eat, thanks for the inspiration!

Hehe! Thank you so much! Welcome to Steemit!

very beautiful pictures and very nice photography :)

Wow! I am amazed that all of these shots were taken on an Iphone. It seems that you have really refined your photo skills! I love the use of the black background to isolate the tangerines in the first two photos. Out of interest, did you use any additional lighting on the photos?

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments, too! For these photos I used natural light :D

But they are wonderful ... how is it that you do ????

Hello my dear! Thank you very much! It's so nice to see you!

but do you use any particular application in your mobile phone? @ilanaakoundi

Good job @ilanaakoundi I love it :)
It reminds me of my mother's hobby, Doyou like cat? See my post
I show you some cute cat, they are very charming. Really!

You are a damn fine artist girl!

Every shot was so detailed it was really nice to see thanks a lot dear for sharing :)

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