I do have an iPhone but was thinking about going elsewhere when it dies. Do you have the Apple Watch?

No, I don't. For one I don't like rectangular watches and I also like my watch to do one thing and only one thing: indicate time. I actually love time pieces and when crypto moons...

I've been through Pavlov's dog experience with the original Pebble and while I do have a Mi Band, configured to notify me of almost nothing, I have no idea in which drawer it is currently.

I do admit an ongoing interest in the devices though, but not as health trackers yet as health prevention devices.

I'm looking forward to seeing what is done with these watches in the future. Checking for vitamin/mineral levels would be cool.

We’re still waiting for Tim Cook’s Apple Watch. On campus he wears a prototype which monitors his sugar levels (he’s diabetic). He has several times mentioned that in fireside chats/interviews. There’s also a FDA and FTC license for Apple but the monitor is not detailed, which means they probably think they’ve found the right size but not yet how to fit it in the Watch optimized for mass production.

But yeah it’s a hugely promising niche and with processors now being made at 5nm we can expect neural learning in watches soon as well.

I would only trust all that data to a company with an actual pro-privacy position like Apple though. Google has long time ago damaged any privacy trust I may have had.

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Ahh, there are watches available with certain health tracking already - I guess it won't be long then, especially with tech moving so fast.


Boo hiss! :0P

Currently using an Android as main phone. :P

I'm generally platform agnostic and occasionally need a change, as well as explore what the other side is doing.

I do have principles about privacy tho and all "phoning home" my Droid does is quite annoying. While my Google accounts are configured to store as little as possible data, there's still a lot of traffic happening which could totally be done on device or doesn't need to happen. In that aspect I definitely side with Apple's attitude to privacy.

Last time I switched back to iPhone I was like "WTF, the simplicity is awesome. Why did I enjoy all those extra settings on my droid again???"

But I truly want Google to step up and build a solid alternative for tablets. The iPad Pro has almost completely replaced my MBP (by choice, it allows me to focus better than I do when on laptop with a configuration for speed and multitasking). And I want a LINEAGE OS build for my phone so it stops calling home and making me the product. :P

Agnostic is the best way to be. Myself and some of my friends are always talking about what is best regardless of platform loyalty.

You are damn right on the tablet. I think a lot of it comes from app makers designing specifically for tablets. Maybe they need a push from Google to produce certain apps for certain niches. Look at garage band? Everymusician I know wants an iPad so that they can use garage band. The android choices are woeful.

You could always carry your phone about in a lead case? :OD

Apps happen because of APIs. It's true both products are totally different: Apple is a selective hardware platform, Android must operate with a crap load of shit hardware configs as well.

When it comes to music iOS is in an entirely different league, probably universe even. It continues Macintosh's legacy of connectivity too. It's not just GarageBand, it's that apps can be written for devices to be connected to iOS. And yeah still waiting for Gorillaz to release an album "Made on Android".

Wearing my phone in a case doesn't change how the platform manager handles my data. Unless you meant a case McAfee would use to be disconnected, I just take out the battery if that's my aim. :P

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