You ever see a snake this small??? They just don't get much smaller then this.

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Another baby Ring Snake

Alright so it isn't an aggressive 5 foot long Black Racer but I'm happy to find this little baby Ring-Neck Snake. I was happy to find him before he got ran over. I've seen several dead snakes in the road so I'm happy I got to save him. He stayed right there and didn't move. Even when I placed my hand right next to him to take this picture.



He isn't much longer then my finger.

See! He wraps up right around it HA HA.

Do you remember I caught one of these little guys last year??? I don't know which one is smaller? HA HA

This snake was so small it was hard to pick him up. It was easier to just hold my hand out and let him slither up over my fingers onto my hand. I had to be careful holding him or else he would sift through my fingers. As tiny as he is he was very quick and I had to catch him with my other hand so he wouldn't hit the ground. FInally he just wrapped around my finger there making easy to walk home with him. I'll let him go somewhere safe.

As always I'm Theo aka Rainbow Man and here is the PROOF!!!
PROOF I got snakes wrapped around my finger HA HA.

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