I don’t believe this group is working on a hard fork of Steem. Seems they will be designing an entirely new blockchain at some point in the future.

I suspected that but wasn’t 100% sure. Sounds interesting. Hopefully it won’t take them years.

That is certainly not the plan. 6 months to a year is probably more what we’re shooting for. Of course the sooner the better, but don’t want to set unrealistic expectations.

I think they'd be fools not to prepare a MVP HF for instant deployment in the event Tron succeeds to consensus and forks Steem all up.

But you may be right. There's various components of Steem that aren't just code, like infrastructure, coordination with front ends, and etc. From @jarvie's response above, I don't think they've coordinated with Steempeak nominally. Anyx runs the node I am using right now, though, so this team has more wherewithal to successfully fork Steem than any other option I've seen.

Which is none. Dunno if these guys are preparing for an emergency fork, even.

Tron is though.

You should learn more about future forks soon enough, based on my educated guess. ;)

This team is not planning on a hard fork at all, as far as I know. Their objective is different and more long-term. It will definitely take more time to develop.

Keep an eye out for any new news in the coming week. You’ll know when you see it.

This is correct.

Well, I hope this team does involve itself in upcoming HF's because it's them I reckon have the greatest experience and highest standards of ethics regarding Steem. I submit that their recent resignations are pretty good evidence of this.

If you have the benevolent consideration and ability, in the event I seem to be missing substantial events, I'd greatly appreciate a ping regarding those events.

Thank you.

We are not working on a hard form at the moment, and current thinking is that it will be a new blockchain farther in the future. Thanks @ats-david for replying.