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HIVE is great, but some people simply want a different kind social media environment, so while people are exploring alternatives to facebook, I would like to remind everyone that diaspora* is still around. You can join via my referral link if you like. They have a very nice wiki if you want to learn more, too.

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I remember diaspora 😆 I may have been on there reasonably early, I can’t remember, I just remember I was probably on the wrong pod with the wrong type of people and I eventually bailed out calmly (realised I was forgetting to post on it as I had no real desire to and hasn’t made many connections). Was tempted to join a pod that some G+ friends made when Google decided to kill that project off but didn’t, slightly regret it but figured I should probably work more and social media less which was probably the right thing to do given hope much in struggling to keep up with hive now 😅

What is Diaspora?

A decentralized social media platform. It's a bit more like Facebook, and not built on a blockchain.

just like hive?

Not really. No blockchain. No crypto. More like Facebook, less like Reddit.