Show Us Your Brews! Episode 1 (San Antonio)

My wife and I make a video series called Show Us Your Brews on our travel channel where we go around to different breweries and coffee shops to check out what's brewing. We've shot about 10 episodes and I've only edited 6 so far. Here's the first one!

Episode 1 was shot in San Antonio circa 2018-2019 and I finalized the video in March 2019.

  1. CommonWealth Coffee House and Bakery at Hemisfair Park
  2. RoadMap Brewing in downtown San Antonio
  3. Alamo Brewing Co. near Hays Street Bridge

Shot with my Sony a7iii mirrorless camera, DJI Mavic Pro and a Canon 6D m2 DSLR camera.
I'll post the next episodes soon:

Episode 2 is in the Texas Hill Country.
Episode 3 is Lake Travis (Austin).
Episode 4 is Saint Arnold Brewery in Houston.
Episode 5 is Maui.
Episode 6 is Australia.
I posted this on Den.Social about a month ago.


Darn.. I guess I missed the vote on this one. Great first episode! I wish it was a bit longer really. I was into it. The choice of background music had a cool relaxing vibe and the narration and editing was spot on. Loved it!

Since I missed the voting period, I'll send a little gift your way 😁

Just saw this, I'm glad you liked it - I'll keep that in mind for future episodes! The next one will be Denver, Colorado.