Song Of The Hour: MONO INC. – Voices Of Doom πŸ”₯ (Doomsday/Shutdown version)

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Ein cooler Song der deutschen Gothic-Band Mono Inc. mit Doomsday/Shutdown-Vibe πŸ”₯


🎡 MONO INC. – Voices Of Doom


A cool song by the German gothic band Mono Inc. having doomsday/shutdown vibe πŸ”₯

Live your Secrets and Hive Prosper 🍯

xx Viki @vikisecrets

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Cool song. i'm curious to know what you think about the rap playlist i just created.

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An der Ostsee beim grillen hΓΆren wir diesen speziellen Song!

LG Michael



Guter Song

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