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RE: Hacker Warning: Victims Come Forward!

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@spaminator you need to piss off and stop downvoting everything I post.. been here a year took a long time to get the rep I had and you and your bot have destroyed it in just weeks.

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Omg doing the same to me is driving me crazy between this guy and steem cleaners.

I am getting flagged for posting my own artwork and photography.

Is that recent? I haven't seen any flags at in the past 7 days on either your or ewasteguy1 account

Unless I'm mistaken

I eventually got them to remove it!

Good outcome in the end.

I suppose with every process that is somewhat automatic there will be false positives + I by using steemit we accept that people can flag us for no reason other than they feel like it. It's a bit different when it's a massive account with a specific purpose.

What annoyed me was more I got accused rather than asked if I had plagersised. 🙈

I am getting flagged
For posting my own artwork
And photography.

                 - ultravioletmag

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