Brussels requires tech companies to better control their content

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Throughout history, ever since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press back in 1440, the media has been indoctrinating citizens more or less blatantly.

With the passage of time, newspapers and magazines appear that report on the events of the countries and their citizens, from which they begin to set trends and influence our daily lives.

Already in the last century the popularity, first of radio and then television, has definitely broken into the lives of more and more people, suggesting to us more or less surreptitiously what we had to think.


Already in this century the thing is out of control, with the appearance of the internet not only information exponentially increases but also the "creators" of information multiply exponentially.

The appearance of social networks, video channels, podcasts and other such phenomena allows any of us to become a distributor of information.

This a priori should be very good but, unfortunately, pride and vanity can do more than the desire to communicate and what could be a source of knowledge becomes a digital black well.


If we also have organizations dedicated to destabilizing and agitating citizens in a systematic and strategically orchestrated way, things are already very dangerous.

Against this background, the European Union has taken the decision to require platforms such as Google, Facebook or Twitter to provide evidence of how they are fighting against this organized disinformation.

In situations like this pandemic we are in, misinformation can be very damaging because it can affect our lives.

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