Felicidades por el directo, estuvo genial. Nos vemos en el próximo :)

Gracias bella te espero esta noche!

Awesome post you have here!

Thanks to beauty Clove ...

The challenge is 30 days with an a frsh account from novice to champion, without injecting external money.

Today is the third live.

Then you can talk to me about how I can put dragon to talk in your videos :) ... it's so fun!

I promote a little, but this is good for my curators... they have much more SP

And I had a lot without posting and I want to make some noise to wake up my followers

Greetings with love from Caracas-Venezuela

Michel ;)


Velazquez lo peta...

Besos de unicornio!

Hi, @michelcamacaro!

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Genial hermano, sigue así.