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RE: I Am the Word: A Study in Manifesting the Divine - Part 1

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Great post (and series of posts to come)! I haven't yet had a chance to read any of Paul Selig's works but applaud you on having an open enough mind for them to have true impact. Have you found in the past that you needed to read books like this more than once?

I ask because I've slowly come to realize that it takes more than just speed reading through a book like this to gain self-actualization, so to speak. I'm not sure I'm fully there yet in terms of an unskeptical and fully open mind but am wondering if I read this twice if perhaps I'd be able to approach it differently the second (or third) time.


Hey, glad to see you're still around! I've been on and off on steemit a bit so I might have missed your posts.

Basically when I read these books I go as slowly as I need to to understand the concept and I also take breaks mid chapter to pause and reflect on the words and how they relate to my own experience. The grea thing about these books is they almost recommend taking them one chapter or less per day because it's based off the channeled sessions, so they will say something like: that's it for tonight, we will finish the chapter tomorrow but leave you with this exercise...

Sometimes I will re-read as reinforcement and to gain a better understanding of the parts I might have read too quickly. I was about to re-read The Book of Truth when I decided I better just start over at I Am the Word.

One thing that helps me conceptually understand what they are saying is experience reading similar books. One author who has a ton of free work as pdf's is Neville Goddard who I read about a year ago and just devoured everything he wrote. If you want an extremely similar set of teachings I would check him out, he often references the bible and very clearly explains things. The Selig books seem special in many ways though. I honestly think they are a set of books that should be referenced over and over until we understand experientially instead of just intellectually.

I have the intellectual understanding, but experientially I am still a work in progress, though I've had glimpses that reinforce the words. Skepticism is sometimes a hard thing to remove until we have some direct experience, it's not easy to let go of the old way of thinking and doing things, to open ourselves up to a higher intelligence. Reading these books with attentiveness is my best suggestion.

What I did after my first glimpse of awakening was immerse myself in everything that seemed to make sense. It was like the "truth" I had believed, the one I had been told by society and culture broke, so I had to find my own truth based on what made sense to me. Each thing led me to something knew, that's how I stumbled across this book. The guides say we pull to us what we need at each stage of development, so the fact that you have even run into this work is a good sign it may appeal to you, if you pick it up and it isn't working, set it aside, maybe later it will be more appropriate.

Sorry, got a bit long winded. If you do decide to pick it up I'd love to hear how things are going, I'm looking for people to discuss this work with. I'll keep posting.

Thanks @jakeybrown for the genuine and insightful reply! Helpful advice and especially helpful to hear that it's been an ongoing journey for you as well. I suppose at the end of the day all of our journeys through this will look very different but helpful nonetheless to hear about your own experience in the event I start to get discouraged. I'll look to start getting in on I am the Word soon (got a few long flights coming up) so will report back!

(Also I've been on and off Steemit as well but hoping to get back into a more regular habit)

I've found flying to be a great time to meditate on the writings actually, kind of funny. Let me know if you get into it at all.