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RE: I Am the Word: A Study in Manifesting the Divine - Part 3

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Hey Jake, Caught up with the other two posts and enjoying this little series. This latest chapter, the Word, feel more akin to the manifest-your-destiny stuff. I think is a truly wonderful experiment in how to live life differently.
I still love any writing or teaching that points us to our true nature. This certainly seems to be heading in such a direction.
The direct path teachings I feel would dismissthis idea of a volitional doer. i.e - there is only The word. 'I am' is the word, but not a noun or a thing. It is life itself being me right now, utterly unavoidable oceanic wetness - as it were.
Gosh, words are so very clumsy being based in duality, but my best summation would be to say LOVE IS ALL, KAPOW!! Try and avoid 'it' and ' it' will Lovingly allow that illsuion to seem so.
But boy what a fun exploration!!
Much Love bro


There is only the Word, but the Word can't be defined! It's no wonder words are so clumsy!

The problem I have with the direct path is it doesn't appeal to most people in the world, I think spirituality is the most important thing we can focus on or bring back into our culture, so I was really glad manifesting was included as part of this teaching. All there is is the Word, but the Word in action still has a function. Even if the function is just a dance/song. The guides do mention that at a certain octave we see everything as illusion, so the teaching will get there I'm pretty sure

Good point, I have struggled with the interplay between manifesting and being even though there is no real contradiction as such. So I will be dropping in to see how this unfolds. Great sharings!