Meaning of Śūnyatā

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眞空不空 執相非眞 破相亦非眞 問世尊 如何發付? "在世出世 徇欲是苦 絶欲亦是苦" 聽吾儕善自修持 (後 78)

Śūnyatā does not simply mean emptiness. It is neither true to cling to forms, nor is it true to abolish forms. What did the noble one say? "Whether you are in or out of the world, following your desires is suffering. But renunciation of desires is also suffering." It depends on how well we discipline ourselves. (Book2 78)

Śūnyatā is to be emerged by negating everything(as of entity). Therefore ultimate emptiness of entity is transformed into infinite possibilities; The emptiness of emptiness changes into occurrence(emergence). Therefore, rather than eliminating desire, it is better to acknowledge of its emptiness.

Vegetable Root Discourse

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