Trap of desire

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烈士讓千乘 貪夫爭一文 人品星淵也 而好名不殊好利 天子營國家 乞人號饔飱 位分霄壤也 而焦思何異焦聲? (後 79)

A righteous person refuses to give ten million gold. Greedy people fight for even a penny. Although their personality is the difference between heaven and earth, liking fame is no different from liking wealth. The emperor runs the country. The beggar begs for food. Their status is the difference between heaven and earth. What is the difference between a desperate thought and a voice of impatience? (Book2 79)

No matter how healthy a desire(pursuit) is, when it becomes an obsessive craving, it is all but a defilement.

Vegetable Root Discourse

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