My Lucid Dreaming Journey Day 77 - Not Going To Talk About Dreams Anymore

in #spirituality5 years ago

Lucid dreaming journey day 77.png

No Heat No Problem

I've been feeling so much better since I've started taking the new supplement! Fatigue is totally gone today.

But, it's also no longer as hot as it was when I was barely able to get out of bed.

I'm not sure what was causing the fatigue, but I suspect that it was a combination of heat and sweating. Since I sweat a lot, because I exercise a lot throughout the day, I might be losing a lot of minerals.

The new supplement I'm taking is providing me with all the minerals I need, so I probably feel really good because of it.

But, like I've said, it's not as hot as it was, so I can't say for sure that it's the supplement. When the heat comes back, I will be able to tell for sure if the it is actually making me this weak or not.

Changing things up

I decided to change things up. I won't be trying to post every day anymore. I wasn't able to post every day anyways, because a lot of the times I wasn't able to remember anything about my dreams and I had no progress.

Also, a lot of the times I wasn't even home and was unable to post.

But, whenever I would have dreams and had the time to post I would do it. Now, I won't be posting about my usual dreams, because when I started doing these posts, the whole idea was to share my experiences with lucid dreaming.

Sadly, I haven't had many lucid dreaming experiences, thus I talked about my dreams whenever I had dreams. I just kept expecting that soon I will be lucid dreaming often, thus I won't have to talk about the normal dreams.

But, it never happened. I'm not saying I'm giving up on lucid dreaming.

I'm just saying I no longer find it very interesting to post about the regular dreams.

The goal is to become a lucid dreamer and experiment if I could improve real life skills (or remove negative beliefs as well), but to talk about my regular dreams was never the intent with these posts. It just happened and I went with it, until it got boring.

I will still consistently try my best to achieve this goal by doing reality checks, staying aware all day, doing techniques and so on, but I will only post when I have any kind of experiences with lucid dreaming.

This is how it should've been from the start.

My progress is quite slow, and lucid dreams don't come to me very often, and even when I do have them, mostly they don't last very long.

So, I probably won't post very often, at least until I manage to become lucid more often. It's not like I'm making a fortune off of these posts anyways, so I'm not losing anything, LOL.

If I won't have lucid dreams for longer periods of times, I might make a post sometimes talking about my progress and what's been going on, but only if I feel like it.

So, next time I post, it's going to be about my lucid dreaming experiences!