Relaunch of Crypto Class Action Knights Splinterlands Guild - For Brawling

The Crypto Class Action Knights Splinterlands Guild is re-launching with the aim of recruiting new 2000+ rating players to make the guild competitive in the upcoming Guild Brawls and upgrading the Guild Hall to Level 6.

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 15.41.05.png

Requirements regarding Crypto Class Action signup and SUFB token holding are now removed as the Crypto Class Action is moving along well in Court and signups have closed.

The focus is now on becoming more competitive in Splinterlands.

In order to attract member contributions and new active members, @jpbliberty has paid for an Arena (10,000 DEC) and will match contributions 1:1 to upgrade the Guild Hall to Level 6.

From now on members are expected to complete at least 5 daily quests a season and contribute at least 500 DEC a season to upgrading Guild properties. Members who have not contributed at least 1000 DEC or 20 daily quests in the last 3 months will be removed to make way for new blood.

If you are interested in joining an honorable and ancient (in Splinterlands terms) Guild, have a ranking of over 2000 and are willing to contribute please apply to join.

Please vote for my Hive witness. (KeyChain or HiveSigner)

Witness Vote using direct Hivesigner


Good luck out there, see you on the battlefields :-)

Sounds exciting! The members of my current guild are not very active and it is starting to fall apart... Unfortunately right now I don't qualify with my ranking of closely over 1500. But towards the end of the season I usually reach Diamond III ;)

Happy to make an exception for a fellow witness :-).

Request to join and I'll accept you.

I like the 1:1 contributions. That's a good way to incentivise growth. Time to start planning for the longer term.
Roaring Twenties won our brawl. Pretty happy with that. 20 crowns in the bank :)