Splinterlands luckiest day - 3 GFL out of 335 packs 🐉

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Hey guys, let's start this up. I wanted to open some packs, so I choose to get some at MonsterMarket.io. I already have almost 1000 eligible airdrops packs, so I purchased the 1650 DEC/pack. I feel those are a great deal!

I started with 70 packs, got the potions up and running (big shout out to @mattclarke and Roaring Twenties, the guild I've been accepted too!).
On the very last card I flipped a Gold Diamond Dragon!
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Quite an impressive pack, I know

Managed to sell that one and the other one that I bought for 20$ (don't ask me why someone would sell a GFL for 20$) and I felt it was the right time to open some more. High hopes!

155 packs in, potions loaded. Here are the results:
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I also got 3 Gold Epic in that batch and tons of legendaries, I almost fully maxed all regular legendary of Untamed (and have some duplicates of certain cards)

I thought it was my day so I kept running. Another 100 packs in. Potions up, no GFL.

Was left with 50 gold charge and 50 legendary charge. What to do then?

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...and this is the end of the story. 3 GFL. 335 packs.
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Welcome aboard the guild! And again congratz on those pulls! Maybe by inspiration, after reading your post opened 2 packs... and in one of them got 2 legendaries. :)

That's great too @pardinus!

thanks for the cards for the steem monster cards i know everyone likes me thanks so much for helping me with all those cards i combined them all and i hope your wishes and dreams come true and you have a wonderful day

hey @buzzer11, no worries. I'm happy to help, this is a community

i want to join the australian community but i dont know to go about it

Amazing man. Nice work!!

Thanks so much @dkid14!

Smashing it, mate. Great to have you in the guild. Mad props to @toejam for generously stepping aside to make room.

Thanks @mattclarke. It's amazing to be in Roaring Twenties really! We should've our own symbol personalized

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UPDATE: 4th one opened in 20 packs, no potions.
Force was really with me yesterday!

Congrts for GFL..

thanks for more cards bafi