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Hello, everyone! It's clove71 here, a Splinterlands player obsessed with the game since May 2018! I have loved this game since it first came out long ago! I was actually waiting for it for a few months back in 2017! I loved it the very first time I saw it when it was still called Steem Monsters, and I still love it now! There are many great things to love about this awesome play-to-earn game on the Hive Blockchain. I will show you one of my favorite ways!

When I started this game, the only thing you could do was open up Alpha packs which was a lot of fun! Would you like to view an old Alpha pack opening of mine? Check it out below. You will see that there are no stats on the cards. No one knew what would be good unless you pulled a gold card, lol! We knew those would be more valuable, but that was about it. I have some old videos on my Twitch showing me open-up Alpha packs; it is crazy old!

There are many different ways now to earn crypto by playing this fantastic play-to-earn game. One of my absolute favorite ways to earn is to create amazing quality Splinterlands content on the Hive blockchain. You will sometimes receive upvotes from people and also you can join the Splinterlands contests each week. I'll talk more about those below.

When you create content you will meet new members of the community who may comment on your post and if they like it will probably upvote it. I have been creating Splinterlands content since may of 2018. Most of the time I make a video showing what I am doing in Splinterlands at the moment. It is great way to show support and Monster love for other Splinterlands players by upvoting their content if you like it..

You also have the opportunity to join one of the weekly contests or challenges by Splinterlands I mentioned above. You can also earn playing and winning ranked battles, placing in tournaments, earning season-ending rewards, selling cards on the market, renting your cards out, and so much more!

I looked for any kind of part time work from home job for many decades with no luck. I have found the crypto world on Hive to be an amazing experience for me. I am home all day and if you are too, it might just be the perfect passive income for you like it is to me! I appreciate Hive and love it so much just like I love the play-to-earn game Splinterlands!

When I first started playing it years ago, I always created content every dayy on Hive (back then, it was Steem). Most of my posts and videos literally only earned pennies for the longest time. On extremely lucky days I would get a dollar or two, and that was great as I could use it towards buying an Alpha pack for $2.00! I kept creating Splinterlands content and posting to spread the word about Splinterlands.

The game was previously called Steem Monsters back then on the Steem blockchain before they rebranded to Splinterlands in 2019. I would use anything I earned on a post to buy an Alpha pack and collect more cards! This is a big part of the way that I managed to make my collection grow! I am not rich at all, the opposite I would say. In real life I take care of my disabled son, Adil. He was born with Quadraplegic Cerebral Palsy 26 years ago. He cannot walk, talk, communicate, etc. he can smile though, and when he does, it is very hard not to join him smile too! If you are on Instagram, you can follow him at


Well, back to Splinterlands! I mentioned above that Splinterlands holds weekly contests for you to join, there are a few rules so be sure to read about those. They have a few different contests and challenges that you can join every single week to try to earn free crypto or prizes! Follow Splinterlands on Hive and read all the rules before participating in their many contests and challenges! Voting Quantity is a big rule. You can get a MAX of 2 upvotes per week per human. So please only enter TWO posts a week for the challenges and the contests. Read the weekly social media post to learn more.

Splinterlands upvotes from their Steemmonsters account. I have listed the posts and 3speak videos below for you to check out below. I find greatSplinterlands content and videos and upvote them. Make sure to read and watch them all so you can create the best possible Splinterlands post you can!

It requires a lot of time to create an excellent quality Splinterlands post. It needs to be an excellent length of around 2,000 words and of good quality with photos, a nice thumbnail, and dividers. You can make free thumbnails HERE. You definitely have to put some time into it. It needs to be high quality. Some players like myself create videos instead, but you still need to have a nice layout and describe what you are doing in your video, photos, your Splinterlands referral link, etc. There are no shortcuts. It requires some time.

The goal of creating content is to spread the word about Splinterlands. Also, to meet many new people on the Hive Blockchain and to try to earn upvotes for your post. You will get paid in a week. Half of it goes to Curators, and the other half goes to you. You will receive half of it in HBD (Hive Back Dollar), and the other half will be Hive power. Your SPT or any other token will be in your hive-engine account.

You can instantly cash out your HBD using Blocktrades and go by Splinterlands cards or Chaos packs to help build up your collection. You could also power it all up to have a bigger upvote and more resource credits available. It is great to have more Hive power, as it is an awesome way to grow your Hive account! You will create a bigger upvote for yourself when you upvote others' posts. This is exactly how I made my Splinterlands account grow. I continue to do so every day I can still, to this day, 4+ years later!

If you would like to create a great Splinterlands video, you can use the Splinterlands @3speak community on Hive that I created HERE. If you are lucky, you will receive an upvote from Splinterlands and also from 3speak! I really love to upvote 3speak videos! It takes a long time to create a great video, and it helps so many new players learn how to play the game better.

I also have a channel in my Discord https://discord.gg/ZPAdu9Krtq where you can drop your 3speak videos to have a chance to be upvoted. It looks like it is that time of year again! Happy Holidays to you all! I hope 2023 will be an amazing year for us all, especially awesome with Splinterlands and Hive!

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Make sure to follow Splinterlands as well as clove71 on the HIVE Blockchain to keep up with all of the contests each week that I mentioned above. There are also many giveaways in the community.

You can search on HIVE in the Splinterlands community or even on the Discord server in the sl-post-promotion channel. Join a Splinterlands Twitch live stream, and you might win something as well!

Make sure you are using the right tags for Splinterlands and SPT! Your first tag should be "Splinterlands" to receive an upvote. You want the next one to be SPT. Any SPT you earn from your Hive post will be in your hive-engine after the 7 days are up. Do not forget to join all of the Splinterlands contests listed below for chances to win an upvote and prizes!

How do you get an upvote? This is the big question many players have. You can read all about Splinterlands's rules for upvotes and the many suggestions to make your post great for a chance to receive an upvote. Check out the post from the Splinterlands Social Media contest HERE


Join the weekly Splinterlands battle challenge contest I thought of long ago where you have to show a battle with the card that is chosen each week. If you do not have a card, you can always rent it on the rental market. Check out the Splinterlands post "Share your Battle" challenge HERE


If you are an Artist, you will want to look into this Splinterlands weekly contest where you can earn prizes for your Splinterlands fan art! Join the Splinterlands weekly art contest HERE. Join what you like today and start earning free crypto!


Every week Splinterlands has a weekly Town Hall meeting where you can ask them anything! It is an awesome meeting with Splinterlands Creators Yabapmatt and Aggroed. Various Splinterlands team members will also be there. You can ask your questions early in advance in the Splinterlands Discord channel HERE). Did you miss the last Splinterlands Town Hall meeting held in Discord, Twitch, or YouTube? You can check it all out HERE


There are some new Holiday deals going on in Splinterlands, you can read all about it HERE

grum xmas.jpg

Join Twitch weekly while I am live streaming Splinterlands with tons of Splinterlands NFT and Crypto Giveaways and tournaments! It starts at 6:00 PM EST live streaming Splinterlands! I stream on Mondays & Fridays. HERE


The Splinterlands community is such an awesome one to be in! When I first came here way back in May 2018, I loved being in it and still do to this day! Even if you don't get along with everyone it always reminds me of the old show Cheers! I use their song many times on my livestreams as it is how I feel about the community.

Please show some support for the following players who have made some great Splinterlands content below.

It will be a great thing for you to do to show some Monster love for the following posts I upvoted recently. If it is longer than a week, you will not be able to upvote them. You can always hit the follow button or give them a comment.

Players take a long time in creating their posts and videos so if the post is made within a week feel free to upvote them if you like it! You can also give them a follow to show support.

When you see these Fire Splinter gifs below on your post, then you know that I have been there with an upvote from Splinterlands (from the Steemonsters account)!

A human wins against bots in a tournament by the great @azircon HERE

Check out a great video about sales in Splinterlands by @stever82 HERE

The great @cryptofiloz shows you what he got for his end-of-season Diamond rewards HERE

Learn how to protect yourself in this awesome post from the great @underlock HERE

Check out @bobaphet and Splinterlands 101 HERE

Check out @pero82 and his account progress in SAplinterlands HERE

Check out new player @frankevor win a battle with the Kitty Summoner HERE

Check out the great @lenonmc21 and how he feels about Splinterlands duing the bear market HERE

Check out @athunderstruck leveling up the great water Summoner Keyla HERE

Want to know good Bronze cards? Check out @chel-koby post about it HERE

Read all about Lux Vega by @cieliss HERE

Check out the amazing O.G. player @rentmoney and his take on a Splinterlands Bull Market HERE

Check out @mango-juice and their Champion end-of-season rewards HERE

Check out @dagz and his end-of-season legendary pulls HERE

The awesome player @louis88 talks to you about a SPS delegation
browser console code HERE

The great content maker and streamer @stever82 talks about Splinterlands and why is he still bullish HERE

Check out The Fallen Angels Guild Curation report for Splinterlands posts HERE

Check out the Disintegrator with @rtonline HERE

Check out @wyverns and their Guild Brawl result HERE

The great @azircon is opening up 2400 Riftwatcher packs HERE

Check out @louis88 and his brawl HERE

Check out @bteim and his Splinterlands economics HERE

Check out the Chaos Dragon in a battling video from @joetunex HERE

@Splinterboost is pretty awesome, check out their daily curation report HERE


Read @dajoker proposal about Brawls HERE

Agor Longtail (698px, 25fps) (1).gif

Cerberus (955px, 23.976fps).gif

Catch me on Twitch for Live Coverage and Giveaways!

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Immortal Gods is now RECRUITING! DM me, clove71#5266 in Discord. If you have an excellent win rate and decent cards, so apply at the Guild, OR you can DM me as well! Gold foil cards are needed

  • Use Your Crypto to buy Bitrefill Items like Twitch gift cards, Amazon, and so many more HERE

  • Use Coinbase to buy Crypto HERE

  • Use Leo Dex to buy cheap packs and DEC HERE

  • At @monstermarket, You Receive 3% Cashback on all card purchases! HERE

  • Check out all their features like the packs and rewards analyzer HERE.
  • View rewards cards going out of print, get your season report card, and view cards by league cap by the great @kiokizz who is @splinterstats HERE, please show him some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands posts!

  • Want to view Splinterlands stats? Check out @rafalski and his excellent Splinterlands stats HERE and make sure to show some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands post!

  • Check out @peakmonsters today HERE and all their features!

Splinterlands Custom Merch HERE

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep.

Follow myself & Goodtrouble on Twitch HERE
Follow the great @drabs587 on Twitch HERE

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Great to see Adil smiling! His smile is indeed contagious as I also had to smile when I saw his photo while going through your post. 😄

Also thank you for the curation and for the mention!

He does have a great smile! :-)

That's an excellent wrap up, greatly done! I'll never forget how you welcomed my son and me in march 2019.

I also have a channel in my Discord HERE where you can drop your 3speak videos to have a chance to be upvoted.

I just found your invite. Unfortunately it's invalid. Looking forward to more!

Here is some fresh slice of !PIZZA and I hope it's received well.

Oh thank you! I fixed that! You know who messes it up is my spellchecker, lol! Discord invite: https://discord.gg/ZPAdu9Krtq

You are welcome indeed! Some more fresh !PIZZA :-)

Thanks for the mention clove71, Coupled with the great posts from Splinterlands Creators you have Shared, this post is a Perfect Intro to the Game for any Beginner - A Nice way to Quick Start Begineers to the Game. ✨

Yeah, a ton of new players do not know they can earn on Hive- there are so many ways to earn!

This information is very interesting, I am sure I will take advantage of it, many

Thank you so much for your mention and support.

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When I see the shared articles about this game, I am more interested. One day in the future, I may write an article on this subject.

I appreciate the mention and support Clove, sharing the Spleinterlands history with us and how far you have come with the game is beautiful and inspiring.
Indeed the game for me has become addictive and it is an addict I don't wish to be cured of lol.

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That is very true, I don't want to be cured either, lol! :-)

You are an inspiration Clove, it is so amazing the important Splinterlands player you are.

Thanks for the upvote, the mention and for being a guide. Lots of love to Adil.

Welcome again, it is a great game! I will tell Adil, thank you! :-)

Give Adil one big hug for me, please. ❤️ You both are really amazing and, as yonilkar said, a real inspiration to us all.

And thank you for the upvote and mention, it's the nicest birthday gift I could've ever hoped for. (yeah it's my bday today) 🤠

Hi Clove71,

This time the blogs about bear market and investing in Splinterlands take the lead in general. How tough the market is this game makes its way through successfully to keep its players happy.

Oh what a lovely gentleman with a beautiful smile, nice to see him again. 🤗

Right! I mean, I have sold some cards lately just to use for covering bills, supplies, etc. and it is truly a huge help! I love that you can play a game and earn from it. Thank you!!! :-)

Nice, this game has a huge potential to improve players passive or direct income in some way. Amazing. 🙂🙂

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