While it is true that dumping a lot of money into the game will give you more assets, I've tried to not pay to play. I think I have invested under $200 into the game or right around that. My deck is listed at 6X that so...That's a win right?
As far as players, people come and go. I see players from all over the world trying out Splinterlands and having fun. Who knows if this Ubisoft move will help gain new players or not. It seems to me that the splinterlands team is doing what they can to progress the game and make it accessible to both new and old players.
Sure I get a little envious of folks who are opening 200 packs on the weekly. But that is the system we have and I'm not going to hate on it because I'm not rich. I'm going to enjoy this fun game and slowly build my deck.

In my eyes, The splinterlands team has been very transparent and seem to be fully invested in the game.
I'm sure they have all the best cards and are making money...Shouldn't they be?

I see what you are saying and I guess only time will tell.
I hope an effort and balance can be found that entices new players to join as well as keeping older players .

We shall see.
Splinterlands has done a lot in it's short time in existence. Right now I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and trusting that they are addressing these issues.