Captain's Log Day 4

in #splinterlandslast year

Once a week I take my cake I made that week and turn it into SPS. Also the vouchers from that week. Been trying to stake 10k SPS as a goal without any fiat currency input. Cake is way down put luckily so is SPS so the conversion is decent. 95 SPS from cake and Vouchers come in at a whapping 23 SPS. So just over 1% of goal. Currently the full staked amount is 6250, so that about 62% of the way there and I can feel satisfied with that.

Entered a gold fray, gonna sell gold Kelya and try to get a gold Tarsa since I have a gold Forgotten One. Renting up two playable gold decks shouldn't be too expensive right? I'll let you know.

Looking at renting up to my rank for EoS and possibly doing it across a few accounts if it makes more sense to just pass my deck around and rent out for EoS. Will do the math on my day off tomorrow and post it later.

Not even gonna bother with my two daily chests today. It was even worse than yesterday.