Struggle Squad EP. 1

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So not sure episode is the right word but whatever. I tend to get bored with my main account (not wanting to dump too much money into this meaning only so high of a ranking is obtainable) so I started a second account (because why not?) I've also decided it needs to be truly hard and entertaining. Enter stage left... the NMS team (any Madden fans out there?) Lets say this won't be daily by any means, but hopefully more substance than several less quality posts.

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Thought this would be easier but the DEC per match is crazy low early on....

low dec.png

Probably the best return is dailies, guess they think I should play red (which is actually one of the more favored Splinter on my main account)....

Day 1 Rewards.pngDay 2 Rewards.png

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Win % 66.67%
Streak - 9
Highest league this season - BII
Current DEC - 3 (gotta get this moving)

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Highlight of the deck so far

He is a total beast to start with, many low ATK monsters at this level of the game and he is part of the starter deck.

8 total life points (between shield and health) along with the shield ability makes him a super tank and he has a decent ATK of his own with 3 for an ATK/Mana ration of .42 with isnt horrible for a true early tank.

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I am thinking with NO money spent (outside the spell book purchase) I can push to SII by league's end. I don't know about getting to Gold by next league end but will have to see how good the daily rewards are to me. I will say again, because it truly is a shock how hard it is to do this NMS, it is amazing the time and effort I am guessing this is going to take to be successful. Let me know your thoughts on essentailly starting over and doing it free to play. What do you think I should try to make gains. What advise do you have for early games. Let me know what I am forgetting to address.