Weekly Battle Challenge - Nectar Queen

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Nectar Queen

The big heavy hitting bumble bee is nothing to sneeze at and neither is the mana cost. Typically I would only think of using so much mana on high (30+) mana battles but she holds up surprisingly well as a tanker in low mana matches as well (especially EQ matches). Obviously she is designed for EQ matches but is versatile enough to get play in on No Armor matches as well. Probably others but those are the ones that seem to get her the attention she desires.

Level Breakdown


Level 1 - Solid! 10 health, and its raw life, no armor to be forgotten with magic. Slow, yes, but its a tank and Reverse Speed rule sets would allow the flyer to potentially dodge a lot. Her attack out the gate of 4 is scary, even for the huge mana cost of 9.

Level 5 - The level before her second stat features a big uptick in speed, going for 2 to 4 for only 60 copies of this card. She has also gotten a little bit of health buffer, going from 10 to 12.

Level 6 - We get retaliation, which I did a nice little write up on here. Giving her not only a strong attack, yeah its still 4 at this point, but a chance to do a counter for every attack she is absorbing from melee.

Level 9 - So this is the final "stat" level. We get to 5 attack (+1 from level 1), 4 speed (+2 from start, and unchanged since level 5), and 13 health (+3 from level 1).

Level 10 - Poison, nothing else needs said. OK OK, poison is the tank wrecker if you ask me. A decent amount of tanks have armor, shield, retaliation, and thorns, all of which poison just walks on through.

Battle Link



The general idea of this line up was to highlight the flying of the Queen. Mine is still only level 3 so I needed to get a good place to really make her look good. I was a low mana cap match and she ate up a lot of my cap space.

Nectar Queen

Flying and tanky

Swamp Thing

Hoping to get the EQ some easier targets to take out

Screeching Vulture

One of the best Nature cards in my opinion. Picking off low health monsters that were hidden in the opponent's lineup is his specialty and gaining health is his bonus. For an EQ match the flying makes his a top tier card.


Makes the Queen and the Vulture (the only damaging monsters outside the EQ) stronger and quicker.

Creeping Ooze

Vulture food

Furious Chicken

Vulture food and DEC increase