Weekly Splinterlands Challenge - Defender Of Truth - Tryout In Silver

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This weak the #splinterlands challenge once again covered a card that was not in my posession and also is considered EPIC in terms of rarity and therefore slightly higher priced. I actually forgot to check for this weeks challenge until @mickvir talked about it on his livestream over at Theta and he went ahead and bought me the freaking card. What a legend!
Anyways. As I decided to move up to silver league, there's much more variety in which decks actually work, so it's a nice chance to give this card a try.

As my sneak team seems to be way less effective in silver, I just make my teams up on the fly if I'm forced to play the life splinter. The first game that I decided to pull out the Defender for, had the following ruleset:


Fire and life are actually my worst splinters for earthquake matches, so I had no other choice than to chose dragon in order to at least unlock the Gloridax Soldier for a second flying tank. Camila was actually a gift from @anubis85. Did I mention how awesome the #splinterlands community is?

Luckily I was granted access to the dragon cards, otherwise I would have had to play the Silvershield Paladin who still takes 1 damage per round from earthquake.
Furthermore it actually countered his Silvershield Kight and therefore a total of 4 damage from his melee monsters. Considering the fact that my tank has the protect ability, it's even more effective against 1 damage monsters.

As mentioned before, the Gloridax Soldier has pretty much the same stats as the Silvershield Paladin, but it also comes with the flying ability, so it's immune to earthquake damage.
I actually rarely use this card, but the fact that I was finally able to upgrade it to lvl 2 a few days ago surely did help for this game.

This is my only flying type monster in the life splinter, so Luminous Eagle was kind of a no-brainer. It also has the reach ability, which allowed me to put the tankier Gloridax Soldier in front and still get the damage off. Another card I rarely use, but at some point any card can come in handy.

My following monsters needed to have decent healthpoints to survive at least a few rounds and hopefully longer than my opponents cards. The Silvershield Assasin can attack for up to three rounds before it goes down, and paired with the Silvershield Knight it also does a ton of damage. It's one of my favorites, anyways.

Here comes the star of the week, the Defender of Truth.
Why is he good in this situation? Well, first of all he has armor which is always good in earthquake matches, as it absorbs the shocks before health gets affected. Paired with the 3 HP it can also stay in the fight for up to three rounds. Furthermore it's the only magic damage card in my deck and magic is always good, as it is guaranteed to hit the enemy and avoids armor, which is something you see a lot in earthquake matches.

I rarely play the Cave Slug, as it has a high risk of missing attacks and the opportunity ability doesn't seem to fit my sneak strategy. For 5 mana there are better picks. Not exactly sure why it ended up in my team, but most other options had not survived the first round and it actually synergizes with the inspire ability, so why not.

Let's have a look at the game.

The game was actually as close as can be, but considering my opponents level advantage, it did work out quite nicely.
The Sand Worm was the biggest threat and made me lose my Silvershield Knight in round 1, which was probably the reason it became such a tight match. But I'm not sure if a different position would have helped or just made it worse, as the card pretty much oneshots anything I could have put in the backline.
Would I use Defender of Truth in this scenario again? I guess there would have been better options, but I generally like the idea of using him against lower mana life splinters, as magic seems to be quite effective against that splinter with all it's armor boosts.
Next up I hope for a little-league match that doesn't allow me to use my fire or water cards, because given his 4 mana cost, it seems like a pretty solid card for that ruleset.


Thanks for sharing!

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Great to see you made the post .
I hope you plenty of wins with the Defender of Truth.

I'm a man of honour, haha.
Still waiting for a little league game with life splinter, though.

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