Its all about the Alchemist... and not about Bitcoin

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2 things came together today.

  • I have been powering down my Steem for a while now and had some collected.
  • The promotion on @Splinterlands about the Halfling Alchemist

Normally I take my Steem and every time it hits 0.20 cents I buy Bitcoin. Another thing I do every day is, play my Splinterlands quest. I really love the concept of making money with NFT games.

So today I could not resist and took a part of that Steem and put it into Splinterlands.

In the Splinterlands game the Neutral cards are the ones that can make or break a deck. And this Halfling Alchemist is promising to be a really cool addition to my collection. I spent 580ish Steem on 55 packs which gave me 11 Alchemists and that is enough to make a Lvl 4 card.
That card alone now seems to have a value of 25 dollars on the market which is not too shabby.

There are 12000 cards out there and 10k are for sale through the promo. The nice thing was the airdrop which will hopefully add a few more cards to my inventory.

The other 2,000 Halfling Alchemist cards will be randomly airdropped to active players over the course of about 2 weeks! Approximately 140 cards will be airdropped per day for 14 days to random accounts that played 5 or more battles on that day.

Mostly the game is a hobby but like collecting baseball cards in the US this could potentially turn out to be a profitable hobby in the end and my cards will be in mint condition forever.

  • What do you think about NFT and these types of games?
  • Are you getting some packs to get the Alchemist?

Here is the first game where it really proved its worth by taking the magic attack from the first monster down to 1 from 3



I bought exactly the same amount - just enough to guarantee that redemption buff!


I was wondering what the definition of 'active' meant!


I was wondering what the definition of 'active' meant!

that quote came from the splinterlands post...
good question, I would assume its non-bot accounts?

I have 2 little accounts I am playing a bit extra now in the hopes of getting some more alchemists

Ah that's a fair point, I might crank up the alt myself!

I only bought enough for 6 Halflings with DEC I had.
I'm thinking about buying another 5.

yea, that redemption is really worth it... seeing those 1 health disappear from all mobs is satisfying