CONTEST: 10 Chaos Legion Pack Giveaway. The Best Use Case For Totenpass Is….

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I’m giving a winner-take-all 10 Chaos Legion pack prize to 1 participant of this contest.


Whoever comes up with the best use case for a Totenpass, decided by me, will win.

Please research what Totenpass is using this link:

Here’s what you need to do to enter (it should take like 3 min):

Follow the steps in this guide up to step 7:

IMPORTANT: Even though the above guide references a @splinterlands card, YOUR IDEA DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ONE. It can be anything from a special photo or multiple photos, an important document, QR code ect. This is the part where you impress me.

Take a screenshot of your idea you uploaded in step 7 and leave it in the comments of this post with your in game screen name for splinterlands.

^ totenpass use case example

Let me be clear. You do NOT have to finalize this purchase. All I’m looking for is a screenshot of this part of the process from the guide. Of course, if your idea is that good, you may WANT to finalize your purchase. Either way, it is not required to win.

The screenshot you submit will look like this:


^Remember, this is just an example. Your idea doesnt have to be splinterlands card, although it can be.


One entry per person. Obvi.

This giveaway can end at any time when someone comes up with a use case that knocks my socks off. At that time, I will transfer the 10 chaos legion packs to that person.

Depending on how this goes, I may do more giveaways like this in the future. If there is a ton of complaining, arguing, or cheating this will be the only giveaway :).



^ @yabapmatt

Free shipping for your first totenpass:

Your referrals will receive free shipping on their first order and you will receive a $20 bitcoin payout

Join Splinterlands:

News Release:

White paper:

For more Mene jewelry close ups in real world scenarios see Goldmatters instagram :

Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:


How about using totenpass for all your high stakes Monopoly games?


IGN: @adulruna

I reckon it would give new meaning to a hardcopy book. A forever book. Specifically useful for high-traffic books, like in libraries or museums. Especially as the tech develops further to be more ergonomic, printing books could well be very practical. A little pricey but this a book that will probably survive longer than our legacies.

Screenshot from 2021-11-22 00-17-03.png


The best possible use case for Totenpass is having all Splinterlands cards made, so when the apocalypse rolls out and the internet is gone, you can still play! Might need to cut them apart though, or just make a bunch!



I don't think I can call myself a true collector yet, but I still love the idea of treasuring items for as long as they can be preserved, which is why I think a Totenpass is the missing link of our loved trifecta token-NFT-ticket.

Screenshot_20211120-030324_Samsung Internet.jpg

When I first learned about blockchain tokens/coins, one of the descriptions I read for them is to serve as redeemable assets and I've seen some similar usecases but not a physical/digital hybrid such as the Totenpass.

I would promote the idea or proposal to use totenpasses as VIP tickets for concerts, events, and other redeemable tokens, especially for very important ones. I've gone to just a few awesome concerts, but the common denominator is that with time, the tickets I've gotten for them get old and can be broken, damaged and don't get a lot of attention for that reason, or at least not for what I would like it to be and a totenpass would be a perfect fit for all: an awesome ticket, a digital voucher/redeemable token and also a great collectible built to last.

Cheers and wish you all the best.
IGN: steamdan

Very cool concept Dan

Thanks! You would just need to contact or stablish an alliance/sinergy with event planners/creators and not directly with artists and protagonists. Though the latter could also serve as ambassadors worldwide. Cheers.

i think its a great idea to store and remember all the best moment of your life, or your most important family member ones, like to show how it was nice and cool, worth of a gold storytale and not a sad usb key
i would use it for this, but for the contest i rather not use personal pictures so i will go for the glorious Brotherhood of Nod! Kane lives!


Ign: @davideownzall

@lazy-bones Could be used for identification for exclusive groups

LEGIONNAIRE totem pass!

I made a DEC one but only one entry is allowed Hahahaa hope you like this one!
IGN: @dedman19


I choose the splinterlands logo because I always see this when the game loads! hahaha then fire alpha border because that's what I feel when it loads too long (fiery!) hahaha joke!
(btw I create the custom card using Splinterlands card maker)
ign: @dark-hamburger

also I decide most of ability of the card is healing, to heal my wounded account because of rent cancellation T_T

I would use it as a fancy reminder card for my granddad.

Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 10.26.47.png

Clipboard 2.jpg

To immortalize those who are no longer physically with us. User @grijanklys thanks Sir.

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Well this is my participate.
I think the best three use of the totenpass are those :
1_ save your best moment or memory in a matarial form also share it to the beloved ones like a mini portrait like the one I made" wishing luck to someone I love".
2_some personal information like address, blood type, emergency contant if any think happend to you or you lost your staff by this the police could know whom this staff belong to.
3_ This Is The Best One I Think
to put your personal data of your accounts in banks and online wallets in a safe place that no one can reach but you, and also some important passwords in encrypted way like QR code or something like that.
In my opinion this are the best use of this thing, and I hope that.😅
Thanks for your generosity and I wish I would be the winner.❤

IGN: eman13088

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