Thoughts about owning land in Splinterlands

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Oh, did not realize that renting Splinterlands cards for 2 Brawls take up to 40 minutes these days, matches included. It seems that time, my precious resource, is used inadequately. And now I need to run to work, where I will probably play some games later, on my break. Until then, I will wait and continue this post in the evening.

Work, work, work! It is long, twelve hours and a half, but I can do my hours only in 3 days, and then I have 4 days off, the problem is, I am a bit of a workaholic, and on my days off, I work on my side hustles, and sometimes I even delay entertainment to do a bit more work. Well, what can I say, I see my objectives, and I get a kick of dopamine when I reach them early, and then I go x10 times more. The gambling is real, and I can feel it. Sometimes, in my dreams, I still think about how to improve my work, inside and outside the job. That's how bad I am. We have Land 1.5 info updated, for everyone to read. It is big. It is exciting.

the battle spt.png

For example, I am a bit compelled to get enough DEC batteries to buy stuff for all my lands on Splinterlands. Except that I need 2 million DEC, and I have 120K. That's 6 percent. I have also only 4 epic cards to upgrade to max level 6 for the CL core cards. And the validator node from Genesis League is calling me. I may like to have one too. All of them together costs something like $3-4K. And my Splinterlands profits are only $4-500. So, the question is, how do I prioritize what is more successful in the long term? Well, I do not know, but I can feel that the land NFTs will be big stuff. And I need 10 Legendary maxed up to use on the 2 Keeps, to keep the SPS flowing. To start with. Maybe I get really lucky and I get a Castle too. That will be really cool. Also, I may like to upgrade all the lands mining SPS. Seems to be a gigantic work.

logo mgc.png

And to end with a positive note, time to recover and have a nice sleep. see you all tomorrow.



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