Battle which pushed me to Bronze II League for the first time

As you guessed I've started playing Splinterlands recently and learning the rules and howtos of the game is fun but not always easy. Luckily Splinterlands community is awesome and whenever I'm stuck there is someone willing to help and give advice in right direction.

This battle I wanted to post about is a small milestone for me because it allowed me to move up to Bronze II League and now I can also earn some sweet DEC token for my playing, which is nice bonus.

My enemy have chosen Obsidian Summoner for this battle and I did Kelya Frendul. It's always hard to fight Unicorn Mustang + Goblin Psychic combination and my first thoughts were that I have no chance here. My only hope was that my Feasting Seaweed will get the Goblin on time.

Game Setup

This setup is newer for me, recently I would never use Feasting Seaweed but lately I found this card to be very useful in some situations. Serpent of Eld as Tank for me, Unicorn Mustang for my enemy.

Take a look at the image for the rest of the game setup.

 " " \"setup.jpg\"""

Enemy choice for the game is common: Failed Summoner, Khmer Princess, Goblin Psychic and Regal Periton. My cards are Deeplurker, Merdaali Guardian, Scavo Hireling and Feasting Seaweed.

Round 1

The start was promising since my Deeplurker hit and destroyed Khmer Princess giving me advantage at the beginning of the game.

Also my Seaweed immediately hit the Goblin and reduced his health to only 1.

Goblin did his job to heal the Unicorn, though.

 " "round2.jpg""

Things were looking good for now.

Round 2

It started by Regal Periton killed my tank. But than another luck, my Seaweed hit again the Goblin, destroying it and in that moment I knew this game is mine :)

Round 3 and 4

Battle continued now in familiar form when Goblin is out of the game, everything is predictable. You can't go wrong with two healers, Merdaali Guardian card which heals the tank and Scavo Hireling which restores armor.

That's how I kept my Deeplurker alive and even stronger.

Game Finale

It took some time to end the game. The battle lasted until Round 8 but the result was already known since my healers were safe in the second row.

In the end I didn't lose any more cards.


Here is the direct battle link.

I ended up earning my first DEC token for this battle. It was only small amount 0.029 DEC but the most important thing is I managed to enter Bronze II League.

That's it, my recent favorite battle I really enjoyed.

Thank you for reading!


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