1 SPS Airdrop per day = 1 pack open per week after voucher needed time ends

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Not earning a full voucher

For those of us who will not earn a full voucher before the end of vouchers needed there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Even though I have been staking all of my airdrop SPS tokens for 2 months that I have been playing the game. I have not accumulated enough SPS to earn a full voucher.

At 1 percent of a voucher per day I will have earned .3 voucher presale and .6 voucher post sale when they are doubled. Making my total voucher at .9 when the first 3 million packs have been sold. Vouchers should not be needed after 3 million packs are sold.

1 SPS Airdrop per day can open one pack per week


Cost of one pack post voucher needed 6.7454 SPS.

I believe the 10% discount for purchasing with SPS ends after presale.

So each week after vouchers are needed I will be able to open one pack per week.

Potions highly recommended

Potions are recommended to be used when opening packs to double the chance of a Legendary or Gold card.


In Booster Packs, the normal chance of revealing a Legendary is 0.8%, but this chance can be doubled to 1.6% by using a Legendary Potion charge.

Potions cost 40 and 50 DEC each and can be found in chest 25% of the time.


Potions looted at Silver II

At Silver II I receive 3 chest in each Daily Quest and 15 Chest at Season end.
3 * 15 = 45 +15 = 60 Chest @ 25% chance for a potion = 15 potions.

Opening 2 packs per season will leave me 5 potions short of the amount needed to open each pack with full potions.

I will need to up my league level to Silver 1 to get the other 5 potions from loot chest.

If the Whales purchase all the packs before I get one, just think what the developers can do with 40 million dollars to make the game better. I think there will be some left in 3 months when I can start purchasing packs each week with my airdrop SPS allotment.


OHHH great post, Steve! Are you finding your theory is holding up? Also, the voucher drop is suppose to double after the pre-sale, so that should help as well!!

Have you considered buying some SPS on the market for an increased airdrop? Thanks for sending me this link in my comments section. I truly enjoyed reading it, and I love your positive attitude about slow growth! You've been upvoted!

Thanks for the upvote. I believe that opening a pack a week will reduce the FOMO some. I will miss out the dr blight chance and the first three air drop promo cards chance. Otherwise. I should be about the same chance at the other promo cards per million packs sold. Did the vouchers are needed for bonus packs after the three million sales equal you would need 10 vouchers to get the 10 bonus on 100 packs?

I'm not sure if they have said how many vouchers will be needed, but yes I think the important part is just to focus on what you want and not get sidetracked by everything else. That makes this much more manageable and we all win here! :)

I think this is a very good plan to follow. I think there are a total of 14 or 15 million packs that will be released so you should be able to get quite a few packs using your SPS based on your calculations.

Yes I believe this is a method to grow my collection power over time in a systematic way. It will add 50% more cards per season as compared to loot chest alone.

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