A tip for SteemMonsters developers

Greetings, people from @steemmonsters, @splinterlands, @aggroed and @yabapmatt

I was thinking. As you know, many users are joining the game now. This is very good, as it brings immense growth to our community. With the version made for mobile, I imagine it will attract even more people. In addition, these excellent updates are taking place, turning a game into a true rpg.

However, I am seeing a problem that is totally constant in the game, not only for me but also for those who entered the Untamed era.

The problem is called Lord Arianthus

Lord Arianthus (1).png

For me and most players, this is the best card in the game and the best tank fired. It is almost invincible, if placed with other key cards during the game. It is very difficult to beat a team with him.

I don't have this card and nobody who entered the Untamed era has it. It is no longer given as a daily quest reward. There is no way for everyone to buy it, because the number of cards is low for the number of players who entered the game and do not have it.

My tip is as follows. You could create an Untamed card that will hit it head on. Not that it has the same attributes, but that it is as difficult to knock down as this card. It would have to be a neutral card too. It could be distributed in those next airdrops !!!

The game for those who have this complete Lord Arianthus card is very unfair !!

What do you think of my idea to add a similar one in the Untamed version ??

Thank you and good evening!!


Check out the Naga Warrior killing Lord A! I had this battle and posted it in Telegram- lol- I forgot it was on your post here not Telegram. She has the enrage ability like I was saying- that will kill him! https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=d5e5b81e7e559a7cbc609f0f24ee0989bedcaac7

You can kill Lord A with other cards like Pit Ogre in Fire or use the Neutral card, Raging Impaler and more! These have the enrage ability and will kill him often! Also, the turtle will kill him too in the water splinter! An upvote si on the way from SM.

thank you Clove
I will try this

Uh, I think they have already done a good job creating alternatives for Lord Arianthus. Chain Golem, Gelatinous Cube, and Warrior of Peace are all cards that fulfill similar roles. Chain Golem and Gelatinous Cube are both Neutral, while Gelatinous Cube and Warrior of Peace are both obtainable through daily rewards.

I agree with Byzantinist. I have LA but often find myself using one of the replacements (Chain Golem and Gelatinous Cube) because they fit the battle conditions better.
It's true that in some situations LA is OP, but that is kind of the point. If you want to be competitive in every battle condition, you have to have a well rounded deck.
I have an extra level 1 LA I can loan you for a season to test if you like. If you need him at a higher level, you can rent them on peakmonsters for extremely reasonable rates.

i have gelatinous cube and chain golem and for me, is all bottom than LA!!!!

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