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After the releasing of the Untamed series I was kind of in awe of all the new stuff that was added to the game. So much even that I had some trouble finding motivation figuring it all out. After all, humans are creatures of habit and you have some favorite winners in your decks. With the releasing...there were just too many options for my brain to comprehend. I stalled for a bit


But after a couple of days this turned and all of a sudden I am finding gems everywhere. As the first example this cool new quest with not using Neutral Monsters, we finally eliminate the ooze, the lord adrianus, and the chickens. I find it a cool new quest, and I love playing it. Still options everywhere. Especially when the manna cap is high -> it is dragon time!


I hardly ever playing the dragons because they are so expensive in manna and they are never in the quests. Until now! Now it is time to get these babies out and use them even if they are still at level 1. It doesn't matter! And a life leecher in combo with a taunt function gives time to grow. Dragons are more fun than I had realized hahahah!


Also the new cards in the reward cards are a nice refresher to get those hopes up again. This is really why it is attractive to play. Because the rewards change every month and that is somethint what the team realizes all to well! All of a sudden my incentive for selling cards even from the reward cards had dropped a bit. (but is still tempting hehe)


And the biggest surprise this week was playing against someone who had a level 6 Slimball in there. Holy crap I did not realize what happened until it really hit me. This redemption function is really crazy. In case you don't know the redemption function. 'When this monster dies, deal 2 damage to all enemy creatures. Talk about doing big damage for just 1 manna cap. This card is awesome but I am miles away of playing at level 6, which is a bummer.

I likes the idea of @toocurious in his post suggesting that it would be cool that players with lower levels also having the option of playing with a high deck, just to see what the cards are capable of. Ofcourse now you can rent a rent, but I would also like just for the fun of it. Now I know only half of what the cards can really do, because I have everything max at level 4. Or is this even giving myself more in too many options...I dunno

Anyhow, Splinterlands are still rocking! It took some time for my old brain to adjust, but I'm there!!


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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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The Slimeball is sooo expensive, I am still trying to get it on level 6.


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It’s seems a good game... I will try to play it next week

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