A Smooth Battle Day At The Splinterlands Battle Field

in #splinterlands2 months ago

I got the Water splinter today aDaily quest.jpg

nd must confess that it was a better day at the battle field today because I had it a bit better. It was almost a 100% percent win rate safe for one defeat I suffered. I fought six battles and won five of battles and that should be considered a good battle day I guess.


Rewards day 281

It was another no show day for me on the reward side of things for me today because the stuff I got didn’t really make much sense if I were to say, I got just one Rare card, some common cards, some potions and the some DECs. I am getting too many potions these days and they are not translating to better outcome from my own point of view.

You can watch one of my battles by clicking the link below, thanks:

battle of the day.jpg


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