Still Hanging In The Top League On Splinterlands

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Daily Quest Battles 269b.jpg

I got the Death splinter again today and felt better doing my daily quest battles compared to how I got it yesterday. It is tough out here and winning one battle is such a relief as the opponents come in hard and ready to eliminate your monsters at all cost.

I noticed that as the season comes to an end the battles tend to get tougher, I think that is mostly because people are trying their best to reach the next league and they see you as a stepping stone to get there or a stumbling block. Lol. Anyhow it come, that is life for you and I must say I enjoy this game a lot.

Daily Reward Opening 269.jpg

Rewards day 269

Wow! Two days in a row that I got an untamed pack as part of my quest rewards opening, that is more like it. I also got three Rare cards some Common cards, some potions and some tiny DECs.

Daily Reward Opening 269 Orb.jpg

For the Untamed pack opening I got One Epic card, One Rare card which is a Water summoner, and then three Common cards.

You can watch one of my battles by clicking the link below, thanks:

Daily Quest Battles 269.jpg

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