Lucks-rental-run: Daily Update 21 & 22 - Oct. 7 & 8 2022


What is the Purpose

  • To slowly grow the value of an account by using resources gained through renting cards out.
  • This will be done using the Splex.GG Rent Service. The Service can be found here:
What is Prohibited
  • Monetary investment aside from the initial Spellbook cost
  • Transferring assets into this account
  • Engaging in battles/guild activity
  • Community giveaways
What is Allowed
  • Use of the 3000 credits that came with purchasing the spellbook.
  • Rewards from blog posts
    -- Posts will payout in 100% HP to assist in making these posts
  • Use of DEC generated from renting cards out
    -- This will be done by using the Splex Rent Service
    --Recommendations from Splex as to which cards to purchase will likely be taken.
  • Delegations of HP
    -- HP is needed to make these posts regularly and to rent cards out. Aside from that, it doesn't affect the value of the account.


Todays Update - Days 21 & 22

Another post where I combines two days into one. My excuse this time is a busy week and the fact that it is Thanksgiving weekend where I live so there is lots going on. For some reason there was a very large spike in DEC gains from renting. Averaged out, the last two days were the highest I have had yet. I have surpassed the 100 DEC I wanted to save before looking at the market to get new cards, so I am going to take a look in the next couple days when I have a chance.

I'm not sure how much was gained on the 7th and how much on the 8th, so I am going to average out what was gained over the two days. We will see if I have a chance to do the post for the 9th this evening or if it will be a task form tomorrow.

DEC Tracking

Total DEC Gained All TimeTotal DEC Spent on CardsCurrent Total DEC


DateDEC Gained% change
All time230.85N/A

Card Statistics

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