Splinterlands Brawl - Gladius Cards, The Great Equalizer?

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I consider myself an average player with below average deck. Been playing for six months and hated the fact that I need to rent in order to compete on a higher league. With a limited budget, the usual setup I have is three summoners/splinters. This works most of the time but when you get close to the leaderboard, that's when you encounter players with full splinters and max leveled cards (league). Scouting the other player, and thinking that you had the best counter turns out to frustration when battle starts and you see a completely different setup, something that didn't show in his last 5 battles. This is why I love playing in Guild Brawls. You can get Gladius cards which is a great equalizer between whales and guppy(a small fish). You can't buy or rent these cards, it's either you have it or don't.

Gladius Cards

If you're not familiar with Brawl, it's a team battle wherein you fight other guilds for the top ranking. Based on your ranking, you are rewarded with merits, which you can spend on Gladius case/pack. Every pack will have at a minimum of one rare and four common gladiator cards. These cards if compared to the normal cards are OP because of the Bloodlust. This is the same ability as Grum Flameblade have, but better since it works even in reverse rule set.


Quora Towershead - most hated card until you have it card.

This is my most used Gladius card, usually paired with Scarred Llama. It has a 2 magic and melee damage, with heal and bloodlust ability. Better than Kron the Undying despite it being just an epic card. I seldom lose with it on the line up.


Here is Quora in action, not that impressive but that's the only time I was able to use her on the current brawl.

There are other cards I use based on allowed splinter, Captain Katie, Chimney Wallstop, Isgald Vorst. I still dream of it being allowed in ranked battles, that would make it a real equalizer.

Thank you for reading, and please comment your favorite gladius card.


Thanks for sharing! - Legalizabrazil#3575