HIVE Gaming - What Have You Been Missing?

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Blockchain paves the way for digital asset ownership, but, I bet you didn't know how big collectibles are getting on the Hive blockchain especially in gaming.

Here is a snapshot of Splinterlands cards total market value today:


That is nearly 7 million dollars!

Upcoming is a collectible card game Exode:

Ready to auction all of these beautiful cards in gamification style is

Welcome to the Hive Gaming Universe!

Ready to Jump in then Here is Your Strategy Guides:

P.S. Get the largest discount on splinterlands cards just for using their market! It's a click away!



I'm also watching Unsung Hero, by @slowsundaygames
Looks like a fun addition to the lineup.

All using keychain login.

Do they all have the nft stuff? Are cards used? I'll go check them.