Speed Up Your Splinterlands Progress with These SIMPLE Steps!

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That's a Snail and You Want to Go Way Faster!

Once you purchase your spellbook you're now qualified to earn dec and play tournaments but now what?

Information is free from the community so get connected as soon as possible:
Discord: https://discord.gg/8XNkrHw9RE
Telegram: https://t.me/splinterlandsHQ
Bottom of the Splinterlands website find the discord and telegram icons in case you are ever lost

Make it to the Cardauctionz Discord to receive free card delegations or leases. You get to use the cards for FREE!

Now you've got knowledge and some cards!


Let's get you some free DEC!
Follow this twitch so when he goes live you can present your free challenge and win at least a 100 DEC for trying.
Twitch username splinterlandsdotcom

As long as we are SPEEDING THINGS UP let's start thinking about a guild because they give us a bonus percentage DEC earning for each victory
we get in ranked play. Team Possible is an outstanding one. Well organized.
Team Possible Discord: https://discord.gg/GjqT22SqEd Meet the Team!

Let's Talk About Making Money with Splinterlands:

Finally, Let's Talk About How to Play Better:
Novice Guide:
Bronze Guide:

Now You're a Master Summoner, well you have the tools to be one right!!!


Are you ready to purchase your first cards? Then get the maximum discount of course at https://cardauctionz.com/market


You will need to be able to use hivesigner or hive keychain to login
Hive keychain is a free google chrom extension:
If you have any trouble with hivesigner or hive keychain we'll do our best to help at the Cardauctionz discord:


Excellent job Marcus! Very good example of showing someone new how to get going and you are very generous in your support of them too! You're awesome!!!

Thanks Dave!!