The 30 Day Bronze Challenge Near Free Entire Deck to Play?

in #splinterlands2 months ago


I'll give you an entire bronze level splinterlands deck to play for 1.00 a day for 30 days!

I will host a tournament for you everyday with a 2.00 prize pool
1st 1000 DEC 2nd 500 DEC 3rd 300 DEC 4th 100 DEC 5th 100 DEC

Keep what you win in tournaments and you get to capture DEC by beating people in ranked matches.

Don't know how to play bronze strategy? You're in luck. Somebody has been doing youtube videos on this very thing!

Make sure you have your spellbook purchased and hit me up in discord

I twitch about bronze strategy all the time:

P.S. You will be fighting against me in the tournament and I show no mercy :)


Dude you guys wanna be millionaires? Someone needs to get ahold of the Head VPs at MTG and conglomerate on NFTs. What yall think?

That's the sort of thing I think about every time I see Splinterlands.