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In my previous end of season awards post, I boldly stated goals that I wanted to strive towards in the new season. Let's review how those goals are panning out, one week into the new season.

In progress review of my second season

In my fledgeling career playing splinterlands and with rose-tinted glasses on, I had set out these goals for the new season:

  • Break into Diamond III league
  • Play 350 battles
  • 60% win rate ratio


The new season hasn’t been going according to plan. Here is where I stand after 1 week into the new season:

  • Silver I
  • 162 battles
  • 43,83% win ratio

It appears that I had beginners luck in the first season and did way better than expected. Am I regressing to the mean? It appears so. I got some work to do but realistically the new season goals were too lofty. Let's see how the next week plays.

Fun mash-up

I love to play with AI tools and this week I came across an AI art platform that generates art based on an art style and a hand-drawn image. This is what I came up with by hand drawing the teeth part of splinterlands logo and using a pop culture art style:

sketch-to-image_Pop Art (1).jpg

Its weird, eccentric and doesn’t look like much, but its art to someone out there.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice break-ups.
I'm wishing you the best.
And you're doing good as a beginner.
Just keep battling.