The Anomoly Splinterland Tournament Week 2

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The Anomaly Tournament Week 2

That's right, it's time for week 2 of The Anomaly Tournament.

We had a close battle last week.

1st place and winner of 5,000 DEC was @voidwalk!
2nd place was @zandroquio1
3rd was @slaifer-red-1

The Anomaly Week 2

Same as last week. A no holds bard, winner takes all tournament.

There can be only one!

That's right, there is only one winner in this event.

Tournament Specs

  1. Prize pool will start at 5,000 DEC
  2. Entry fee is 500 DEC
  3. Only 4 players needed to get this one going.
  4. As interest grows we will raise the prize pool.
  5. Anytime event with 1 full day to get in.
  6. Bronze League.

This event is hosted by me and sponsored by my latest project, The Singularity. A new crypto game I'm currently working on. You can check it out here: @the-singularity. You can also join our discord here.

View this event here.

This is a weekly event that will grow as interest grows.

Thanks for any support and lets get our battle on!