Any day you wake up and the ground isn't shaking is a good day, said my opponent (A Soul Strangler Splinterlands battle challenge /+ Gold card contest)

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What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a card game, similar with Hearthstone, where you can play battle against other players to get a better rank or in tournaments. It is a NFT game based on Hive Blockchain, with multiple ways to capitalise and make money, real money, by playing it or trading in it. You can start earning as soon as you buy a Spellbook ($10) getting DEC tokens and NFT monster cards via daily quests and season quests (every 2 weeks). The airdrop ended. You can still get some rewards staking all you SPS for a 30% APR right now. Holy Molly! I got one validator, and all the licences from the pre-sale were sold in 12 minutes. You can buy one in the Tranche 1, paying $3000 in SPS. You can get it much cheaper (around $800 less) if you buy 500 Vouchers and use them when you buy a licence. Another way to make profit is to rent cards, getting paid in DEC tokens for it. But, my, oh my, the renting price right now is so, so low. Check the contest at the end of this post!

We can buy still Chaos Legion packs with 4$, using just DEC, for a 45% discount right now (something like $2.10 per pack instead of $4). Even then, if you want to get the extra packs, you still need vouchers, but just for the bonus packs. An awesome hint from a really good player (not me), if you open your packs after the Legendary summoners are introduced, you have a small chance to get them from the packs. It was announced that Lands NFT and Riftwatchers pack are coming in the third quarter now, with the new Roadmap proposed by Splinterlands. Just check this awesome page about what are the Lands supposed to do.


The Soul Strangler is a Rare Death Splinter unit, with 4 Ranged damage, 3 Speed and 4 Health at max level 8, gaining Poison skill when is fully upgraded. For 3 Mana cost, can be a very useful card on certain rulesets. Equilizer pops in my mind, with a decent health and 4 damage in exchange of 3 Mana, but also low mana cap battles, if you can protect the card using some other ones. Definitely not one of my choices for Opportunity battles, as it will die before even shoot once.


(To see the video, you can check the battle link.)

So, for the challenge, this were the starting conditions:

Mana Limit: 25

Rulesets: Stampede (Trample activates multiple times) and Reverse Speed (Slowest units attack first)


Mine - Summoner: Daria Dragonscale boosting Melee attack by +1, with a Dessert Dragon as main tank, without a lot of health, but it has Trample, Piercing and Retaliate and Giant Killer (double damage if the opponet health is higher than 10 - very important later), an Undead Rexx as back-up Trample trigger, then a Soul Strangler with 4 Ranged damage and Poison, and 3 cheap cards used mainly as fodder and boosters (Shadowy Presence with +1Health to all, Corpse Fiend with Silence reducing enemy Magic by -1 and Cursed Slimeball with Redemption, +1 damage to all when killed)

Opponent - Summoner: Mylor providing Thorns ability to all cards, returning damage, with Grund as main tank with Double Strike, Trample and Thorns, backed up by Mycelia boosting all cards with Protect (+2 Armor), returning more damage with Amplify (great combo to increase the damage of Mylor Thorns ability) and healing with Triage, Uraeus with Sneak and Poison, Brownie providing +1 Attack and +1 Speed to everyone in his team, Fungus Fiend and Doctor Blight hiding using Camouflage, with Poison and Affliction, using Scavenger to increase Health.

Round 1 - I was worried at first, as the opponent team had great boosts, and a dangerous increased melee damage return. The Dessert Dragon strikes first, with 7 Melee damage amplified twice by the Giant Killer, killing Grund in one hit, and then uses Trample triggered by the Stampede ruleset to kill the Queen Mycelia, Uraeus, Brownie and Fungus Fiend, losing some health as damage returned by Thorns activated for every card killed, and dying right before Doctor Blight, wich was boosted by every kill, scavenging his way to 9 Health. Then the Undead Rexx did 6 damage, and the Soul Strangler another 4, killing the last card of my opponent, and achieving victory in the first round. This is a perfect example on how to win against the odds. Think about it, one miss and I would have probably lost half of my cards.

Star of the game - Dessert Dragon, killing most of my opponent team while dying slowly.

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All the best, George

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Stampede at its best!

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